Social and Information Network Analysis
Autumn 2010

Course outline

Problem Sets


09/20: Introduction

09/22: Six degrees of separation

09/27: Models of small-world networks

09/29: Decentralized search in small-world and P2P networks

10/4: Guest Lecture by Lars Backstrom, Facebook

10/6: Network effects and information cascades

10/11: Cascading behavior in networks

Project ideas and datasets

10/14: Empirical studies of diffusion in networks

10/18: Influence maximization in networks

10/20: Outbreak detection in networks

10/25: Power-laws and Preferential attachment

10/27: Models of evolving networks

11/01: Strength of weak ties and Community structure in networks

11/03: Network community detection: Modularity

11/08: Network community detection: Spectral graph partitioning

11/10: Community structure of large networks

11/15: Kronecker graphs and the structure of large networks

11/17: Networks with positive and negative links

11/29: Random walks

12/01: Link prediction

Chapters are from the new book Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning About a Highly Connected World by David Easley and Jon Kleinberg.

Tentative List of Topics

For more info see last year's version of the class.

Dates for assignments

Due dates for assignments and other course work:

Out on
Due on
Reaction Paper
October 6 11:59PM
Assignment #1
September 29
October 14 11:59PM
Project Proposal
October 20
Assignment #2
October 21
November 4
Assignment #3 / Competition
November 5
November 12 ; Midnight
Project Milestone
November 18
Project Poster Presentation
December 7 ; 3-6PM
Project Write-up
December 8 ; Midnight (NO LATE DAYS)

See Course information for more info on assignments, projects, late days, and collaboration policy.