Social and Information Network Analysis
Autumn 2011
World Wide Web, blogging platforms, instant messaging and Facebook can be characterized by the interplay between rich information content, the millions of individuals and organizations who create and use it, and the technology that supports it.
The course will cover recent research on the structure and analysis of such large social and information networks and on models and algorithms that abstract their basic properties. Class will explore how to practically analyze large scale network data and how to reason about it through models for network structure and evolution.
Topics include methods for link analysis and network community detection, diffusion and information propagation on the web, virus outbreak detection in networks, and connections with work in the social sciences and economics.


Course information:


Jure Leskovec
Office Hours: Wednesdays 9-10am, Gates 418


Tuesday & Thursday 9:30AM - 10:45AM in Gates B3

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You can reach us at cs224w-aut1112-staff@lists.stanford.edu
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TAs and Office hours (Starting from the second week, Oct. 3):

Cherian Mathew
Office Hours: 2:00~3:30pm Tuesday, Location: Gates B24B

Borja Pelato (head TA)
Office Hours: 4:30~6:00pm Monday, Location: Gates 415

Evan Rosen
Office Hours: 4:30~6:00pm Wednesday, Location: Gates B24B

Keith Siilats
Office Hours: 11:00am~12:30pm Wednesday, Location: Gates B24B

Dakan Wang
Office Hours: 4:30~6:00pm Thursday, Location: Gates B24B

Chenguang Zhu
Office Hours: 4:30~6:00pm Tuesday, Location: Gates B26A

Phone (During TA office hours only)
Gates B26: (650)723-2579 Gates B24: (650)736-1816

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