Social and Information Network Analysis
Autumn 2011

The goal of the poster session is to give you a chance to see what your classmates have been working on, so make sure to go around and explore the posters. TAs will walk around and talk to you. At least two TAs will stop by your poster to talk to you.

General Info

-- Time: 12:15pm - 3:15pm, Dec. 16th
-- Location: Packard Atrium
-- All groups which have at least one non-SCPD member are expected to present
-- One group member should be at the poster at all times (while other group members can explore other posters)
-- There will be snacks


-- Pick up poster boards (20"x30") between 9am and 12pm on the day of the poster session in the InfoLab Lab (Gates 423, the lab room with glass walls in the middle of Gates A Wing on 4th floor). After 12pm you will be able to pick up the poster boards from the Packard atrium.
-- Check out easels starting at noon from the Packard atrium. As these are expensive and we need to return them to the CS department, we'll require an ID card as collateral
-- Set up posters in any of the black squares on the map . The Packard building managers have requested that we not set up in front of the large pieces of artwork or in front of any major hallways or fire exits. So, consult the map if you are in doubt.
-- Return easels AND POSTER BOARDS after the poster session from 3:15pm to 3:45pm