SNAP Library 6.0, Developer Reference  2020-12-09 16:24:20
SNAP, a general purpose, high performance system for analysis and manipulation of large networks
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1 #include "bd.h"
4 // MD5
6 private:
7  // first, some types:
8  typedef TB4Def::TB4 uint4; // assumes 4 byte long
9  typedef TB2Def::TB2 uint2; // assumes 2 byte long
10  typedef TB1Def::TB1 uint1; // assumes 1 byte long
12  // next, the private data:
13  uint4 state[4];
14  uint4 count[2]; // number of *bits*, mod 2^64
15  uint1 buffer[64]; // input buffer
16  uint1 Sig[16];
17  bool DefP;
19  // last, the private methods, mostly static:
20  void Init(); // called by all constructors
21  void Transform(uint1* buffer); // does the real update work.
22  static void Encode(uint1* Dst, uint4* Src, uint4 Len);
23  static void Decode(uint4* Dst, uint1* Src, uint4 Len);
24  static void MemCpy(uint1* Dst, uint1* Src, uint4 Len){
25  for (uint4 ChN=0; ChN<Len; ChN++){Dst[ChN]=Src[ChN];}}
26  static void MemSet(uint1* Start, uint1 Val, uint4 Len){
27  for (uint4 ChN=0; ChN<Len; ChN++){Start[ChN]=Val;}}
29  // RotateLeft rotates x left n bits.
30  static uint4 RotateLeft(uint4 x, uint4 n){return (x<<n)|(x>>(32-n));}
31  // F, G, H and I are basic MD5 functions.
32  static uint4 F(uint4 x, uint4 y, uint4 z){return (x&y)|(~x&z);}
33  static uint4 G(uint4 x, uint4 y, uint4 z){return (x&z)|(y&~z);}
34  static uint4 H(uint4 x, uint4 y, uint4 z){return x^y^z;}
35  static uint4 I(uint4 x, uint4 y, uint4 z){return y^(x|~z);}
36  // FF, GG, HH, and II transformations for rounds 1, 2, 3, and 4.
37  // Rotation is separate from addition to prevent recomputation.
38  static void FF(uint4& a, uint4 b, uint4 c, uint4 d, uint4 x, uint4 s, uint4 ac){
39  a+=F(b, c, d)+x+ac; a=RotateLeft(a, s)+b;}
40  static void GG(uint4& a, uint4 b, uint4 c, uint4 d, uint4 x, uint4 s, uint4 ac){
41  a+=G(b, c, d)+x+ac; a=RotateLeft(a, s)+b;}
42  static void HH(uint4& a, uint4 b, uint4 c, uint4 d, uint4 x, uint4 s, uint4 ac){
43  a+=H(b, c, d)+x+ac; a=RotateLeft(a, s)+b;}
44  static void II(uint4& a, uint4 b, uint4 c, uint4 d, uint4 x, uint4 s, uint4 ac){
45  a+=I(b, c, d)+x+ac; a=RotateLeft(a, s)+b;}
47 public:
48  TMd5(){Init();}
49  static PMd5 New(){return PMd5(new TMd5());}
50  TMd5(const PSIn& SIn){Init(); Add(SIn); Def();}
51  static PMd5 New(const PSIn& SIn){return PMd5(new TMd5(SIn));}
53  static PMd5 Load(TSIn& SIn){return new TMd5(SIn);}
54  void Save(TSOut&){Fail;}
56  // adding data & defining digest
57  void Add(uchar* InBf, const int& InBfL);
58  void Add(const PSIn& SIn);
59  void Def();
61  // digest data retrieval
62  void GetSigMem(TMem& Mem) const;
63  TStr GetSigStr() const;
65  // data package digest calculation
66  static TStr GetMd5SigStr(const PSIn& SIn){
67  PMd5 Md5=TMd5::New(SIn); return Md5->GetSigStr();}
68  static TStr GetMd5SigStr(const TStr& Str){
69  return GetMd5SigStr(TStrIn::New(Str));}
70  static TStr GetMd5SigStr(const TMem& Mem){
71  return GetMd5SigStr(TMemIn::New(Mem));}
73  // testing correctnes
74  static bool Check();
76  friend class TMd5Sig;
77 };
80 // MD5-Signature
81 class TMd5Sig{
82 private:
83  typedef TB1Def::TB1 uint1; // assumes 1 byte long
84  uint1 CdT[16];
85 public:
86  TMd5Sig(){memset(CdT, 0, 16);}
87  TMd5Sig(const TMd5Sig& Md5Sig){memcpy(CdT, Md5Sig.CdT, 16);}
88  TMd5Sig(const PSIn& SIn);
89  TMd5Sig(const TStr& Str);
90  TMd5Sig(const TChA& ChA);
91  TMd5Sig(const char* CStr);
92  TMd5Sig(const TMem& Mem);
93  TMd5Sig(const TMd5& Md5){memcpy(CdT, Md5.Sig, 16);}
94  TMd5Sig(TSIn& SIn){SIn.LoadBf(CdT, 16);}
95  void Save(TSOut& SOut) const {SOut.SaveBf(CdT, 16);}
97  TMd5Sig& operator=(const TMd5Sig& Md5Sig){
98  if (this!=&Md5Sig){memcpy(CdT, Md5Sig.CdT, 16);} return *this;}
99  bool operator==(const TMd5Sig& Md5Sig) const {
100  return memcmp(CdT, Md5Sig.CdT, 16)==0;}
101  bool operator<(const TMd5Sig& Md5Sig) const {
102  return memcmp(CdT, Md5Sig.CdT, 16)==-1;}
103  int operator[](const int& CdN) const {
104  Assert((0<=CdN)&&(CdN<16)); return CdT[CdN];}
106  // hash codes
107  int GetPrimHashCd() const;
108  int GetSecHashCd() const;
110  // alternative representations
111  TStr GetStr() const;
112  void GetUInt(const int& StartCd, uint& UInt) const {
113  memcpy(&UInt, CdT+StartCd, sizeof(uint));}
114 };
TB1Def::TB1 uint1
Definition: md5.h:83
TStr GetStr() const
Definition: md5.cpp:278
TPt< TMd5 > PMd5
Definition: md5.h:5
void Save(TSOut &SOut) const
Definition: md5.h:95
Definition: bits.h:5
TMd5Sig(TSIn &SIn)
Definition: md5.h:94
Definition: bits.h:29
TB4Def::TB4 uint4
Definition: md5.h:8
static PSIn New(const TMem &Mem)
Definition: dt.h:165
static void GG(uint4 &a, uint4 b, uint4 c, uint4 d, uint4 x, uint4 s, uint4 ac)
Definition: md5.h:40
unsigned int uint
Definition: bd.h:11
#define Fail
Definition: bd.h:238
bool operator==(const TMd5Sig &Md5Sig) const
Definition: md5.h:99
static void II(uint4 &a, uint4 b, uint4 c, uint4 d, uint4 x, uint4 s, uint4 ac)
Definition: md5.h:44
static PMd5 Load(TSIn &SIn)
Definition: md5.h:53
static TStr GetMd5SigStr(const TStr &Str)
Definition: md5.h:68
Definition: md5.h:86
uint1 CdT[16]
Definition: md5.h:84
#define UndefCopyAssign(TNm)
Definition: bd.h:209
Definition: fl.h:58
Definition: md5.h:5
static PMd5 New()
Definition: md5.h:49
Definition: dt.h:77
#define ClassTP(TNm, PNm)
Definition: bd.h:126
Definition: md5.h:48
static PMd5 New(const PSIn &SIn)
Definition: md5.h:51
static uint4 I(uint4 x, uint4 y, uint4 z)
Definition: md5.h:35
static PSIn New(const TStr &Str)
Definition: dt.h:711
#define Assert(Cond)
Definition: bd.h:251
uint1 Sig[16]
Definition: md5.h:16
TVec< TMd5Sig > TMd5SigV
Definition: md5.h:115
TB1Def::TB1 uint1
Definition: md5.h:10
unsigned char uchar
Definition: bd.h:10
void SaveBf(const void *Bf, const TSize &BfL)
Definition: fl.h:172
Definition: fl.h:128
bool operator<(const TMd5Sig &Md5Sig) const
Definition: md5.h:101
TMd5(TSIn &)
Definition: md5.h:52
static uint4 H(uint4 x, uint4 y, uint4 z)
Definition: md5.h:34
TMd5Sig & operator=(const TMd5Sig &Md5Sig)
Definition: md5.h:97
Definition: dt.h:201
void GetUInt(const int &StartCd, uint &UInt) const
Definition: md5.h:112
static TStr GetMd5SigStr(const TMem &Mem)
Definition: md5.h:70
static uint4 G(uint4 x, uint4 y, uint4 z)
Definition: md5.h:33
uchar TB1
Definition: bits.h:7
Definition: dt.h:412
Definition: bits.h:51
TB2Def::TB2 uint2
Definition: md5.h:9
void LoadBf(const void *Bf, const TSize &BfL)
Definition: fl.h:81
static void FF(uint4 &a, uint4 b, uint4 c, uint4 d, uint4 x, uint4 s, uint4 ac)
Definition: md5.h:38
Definition: bd.h:196
static uint4 F(uint4 x, uint4 y, uint4 z)
Definition: md5.h:32
TMd5Sig(const TMd5 &Md5)
Definition: md5.h:93
TMd5Sig(const TMd5Sig &Md5Sig)
Definition: md5.h:87
Definition: md5.h:81
int operator[](const int &CdN) const
Definition: md5.h:103
static void HH(uint4 &a, uint4 b, uint4 c, uint4 d, uint4 x, uint4 s, uint4 ac)
Definition: md5.h:42
TMd5(const PSIn &SIn)
Definition: md5.h:50
void Save(TSOut &)
Definition: md5.h:54
static TStr GetMd5SigStr(const PSIn &SIn)
Definition: md5.h:66
int GetSecHashCd() const
Definition: md5.cpp:271
static void MemSet(uint1 *Start, uint1 Val, uint4 Len)
Definition: md5.h:26
int GetPrimHashCd() const
Definition: md5.cpp:264
static uint4 RotateLeft(uint4 x, uint4 n)
Definition: md5.h:30
Vector is a sequence TVal objects representing an array that can change in size.
Definition: ds.h:430