SNAP Library 6.0, Developer Reference  2020-12-09 16:24:20
SNAP, a general purpose, high performance system for analysis and manipulation of large networks
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1 #include "bd.h"
4 // One byte
5 class TB1Def{
6 public:
7  typedef uchar TB1;
8  static const int B1Bits;
9  static const int MxP2Exp;
10  static const TB1 MxB1;
11  TB1* B1P2T;
12  int* B1BitsT;
13 public:
14  TB1Def();
15  ~TB1Def(){delete[] B1P2T; delete[] B1BitsT;}
17  TB1Def& operator=(const TB1Def&){Fail; return *this;}
19  static int GetB1Bits(const TB1& B1);
20  static uint GetP2(const int& P2Exp);
21  static int GetL2(const uchar& Val);
22  static bool GetBit(const int& BitN, const uchar& Val);
24  static const TB1Def B1Def;
25 };
28 // Two bytes
29 class TB2Def{
30 public:
31  typedef unsigned short int TB2;
32  static const int B2Bits;
33  static const int MxP2Exp;
34  static const TB2 MxB2;
35  TB2* B2P2T;
36 public:
37  TB2Def();
38  ~TB2Def(){delete[] B2P2T;}
40  TB2Def& operator=(const TB2Def&){Fail; return *this;}
42  static int GetB2Bits(const TB2& B2);
43  static uint GetP2(const int& P2Exp);
44  static int GetL2(const TB2& Val);
46  static const TB2Def B2Def;
47 };
50 // Four bytes
51 class TB4Def{
52 public:
53  typedef uint TB4;
54  static const int B4Bits;
55  static const int MxP2Exp;
56  static const TB4 MxB4;
57  TB4* B4P2T;
58 public:
59  TB4Def();
60  ~TB4Def(){delete[] B4P2T;}
62  TB4Def& operator=(const TB4Def&){Fail; return *this;}
64  static int GetB4Bits(const TB4& B4);
65  static uint GetP2(const int& P2Exp);
66  static int GetL2(const uint& Val);
68  static const TB4Def B4Def;
69 };
72 // Flag-Set
73 /*class TFSet{
74 private:
75  static const int B4s;
76  static const int Bits;
77  TB4Def::TB4 B4T[4];
78 public:
79  TFSet(){
80  B4T[0]=0; B4T[1]=0; B4T[2]=0; B4T[3]=0;}
81  TFSet(const TFSet& FSet){
82  B4T[0]=FSet.B4T[0]; B4T[1]=FSet.B4T[1];
83  B4T[2]=FSet.B4T[2]; B4T[3]=FSet.B4T[3];}
84  TFSet(const int& FlagN){
85  B4T[0]=0; B4T[1]=0; B4T[2]=0; B4T[3]=0;
86  Assert((0<=FlagN)&&(FlagN<Bits));
87  B4T[FlagN/TB4Def::B4Def.B4Bits]=
88  TB4Def::B4Def.B4P2T[FlagN%TB4Def::B4Def.B4Bits];}
90  TFSet& operator=(const TFSet& FSet){
91  if (this!=&FSet){
92  B4T[0]=FSet.B4T[0]; B4T[1]=FSet.B4T[1];
93  B4T[2]=FSet.B4T[2]; B4T[3]=FSet.B4T[3];}
94  return *this;}
95  bool operator==(const TFSet& FSet) const {
96  return
97  (B4T[0]==FSet.B4T[0])&&(B4T[1]==FSet.B4T[1])&&
98  (B4T[2]==FSet.B4T[2])&&(B4T[3]==FSet.B4T[3]);}
99  TFSet& operator|(const int& FlagN){
100  Assert((0<=FlagN)&&(FlagN<Bits));
101  B4T[FlagN/TB4Def::B4Def.B4Bits]|=
102  TB4Def::B4Def.B4P2T[FlagN%TB4Def::B4Def.B4Bits];
103  return *this;}
104  TFSet& operator|(const TFSet& FSet){
105  B4T[0]|=FSet.B4T[0]; B4T[1]|=FSet.B4T[1];
106  B4T[2]|=FSet.B4T[2]; B4T[3]|=FSet.B4T[3];
107  return *this;}
109  bool Empty() const {
110  return (B4T[0]==0)&&(B4T[1]==0)&&(B4T[2]==0)&&(B4T[3]==0);}
111  bool In(const int& FlagN) const {
112  Assert((0<=FlagN)&&(FlagN<Bits));
113  return (B4T[FlagN/TB4Def::B4Def.B4Bits] &
114  TB4Def::B4Def.B4P2T[FlagN%TB4Def::B4Def.B4Bits])!=0;}
115 };*/
118 // Flag-Set
119 class TFSet{
120 private:
121  static const int B4s;
122  static const int Bits;
124 public:
125  TFSet(): B4V(4, 4){}
126  TFSet(const TFSet& FSet): B4V(FSet.B4V){}
127  TFSet(
128  const int& FlagN1, const int& FlagN2=-1, const int& FlagN3=-1,
129  const int& FlagN4=-1, const int& FlagN5=-1, const int& FlagN6=-1,
130  const int& FlagN7=-1, const int& FlagN8=-1, const int& FlagN9=-1);
131  TFSet(const TFSet& FSet1, const TFSet& FSet2):
132  B4V(4, 4){Incl(FSet1); Incl(FSet2);}
133  ~TFSet(){}
134  TFSet(TSIn& SIn): B4V(SIn){}
135  void Save(TSOut& SOut) const {B4V.Save(SOut);}
137  TFSet& operator=(const TFSet& FSet){
138  if (this!=&FSet){B4V=FSet.B4V;} return *this;}
139  bool operator==(const TFSet& FSet) const {return B4V==FSet.B4V;}
140  TFSet& operator|(const int& FlagN){Incl(FlagN); return *this;}
141  TFSet& operator|(const TFSet& FSet){Incl(FSet); return *this;}
143  void Clr(){
144  B4V[0]=0; B4V[1]=0; B4V[2]=0; B4V[3]=0;}
145  bool Empty() const {
146  return
147  (uint(B4V[0])==0)&&(uint(B4V[1])==0)&&
148  (uint(B4V[2])==0)&&(uint(B4V[3])==0);}
149  void Incl(const int& FlagN){
150  Assert((0<=FlagN)&&(FlagN<Bits));
151  B4V[FlagN/TB4Def::B4Def.B4Bits]|=
153  void Incl(const TFSet& FSet){
154  B4V[0]|=FSet.B4V[0]; B4V[1]|=FSet.B4V[1];
155  B4V[2]|=FSet.B4V[2]; B4V[3]|=FSet.B4V[3];}
156  bool In(const int& FlagN) const {
157  Assert((0<=FlagN)&&(FlagN<Bits));
158  return (B4V[FlagN/TB4Def::B4Def.B4Bits] &
159  TB4Def::B4Def.B4P2T[FlagN%TB4Def::B4Def.B4Bits])!=0;}
161  static const TFSet EmptyFSet;
162 };
165 // Bit8-Set
166 class TB8Set{
167 private:
168  static const int Bits;
170 public:
171  TB8Set(): B1(0){}
172  TB8Set(const TB8Set& B8Set): B1(B8Set.B1){}
173  TB8Set(const uchar& _B1): B1(_B1){}
174  TB8Set(TSIn& SIn){SIn.LoadBf(&B1, sizeof(TB1Def::TB1));}
175  void Save(TSOut& SOut) const {SOut.SaveBf(&B1, sizeof(TB1Def::TB1));}
177  TB8Set& operator=(const TB8Set& BSet){B1=BSet.B1; return *this;}
178  TB8Set& operator=(const uchar& _B1){B1=_B1; return *this;}
179  bool operator==(const TB8Set& BSet) const {return B1==BSet.B1;}
180  bool operator<(const TB8Set& BSet) const {return B1<BSet.B1;}
182  bool Empty() const {return B1==0;}
183  TB8Set& Clr(){B1=0; return *this;}
184  TB8Set& Fill(){B1=TB1Def::B1Def.MxB1; return *this;}
185  bool IsPrefix(const TB8Set& BSet, const int& MnBitN) const {
186  Assert((0<=MnBitN)&&(MnBitN<Bits));
187  return (B1>>MnBitN)==(BSet.B1>>MnBitN);}
188  uchar GetUCh() const {return B1;}
190  void Incl(const int& BitN){
191  Assert((0<=BitN)&&(BitN<Bits));
192  B1|=TB1Def::B1Def.B1P2T[BitN];}
193  void Excl(const int& BitN){
194  Assert((0<=BitN)&&(BitN<Bits));
195  B1&=TB1Def::TB1(~(TB1Def::B1Def.B1P2T[BitN]));}
196  bool In(const int& BitN) const {
197  Assert((0<=BitN)&&(BitN<Bits));
198  return (B1 & TB1Def::B1Def.B1P2T[BitN])!=0;}
199  void SetBit(const int& BitN, const bool& Bool){
200  if (Bool) Incl(BitN); else Excl(BitN);}
201  bool GetBit(const int& BitN) const {
202  Assert((0<=BitN)&&(BitN<Bits));
203  return (B1 & TB1Def::B1Def.B1P2T[BitN])!=0;}
204  int GetBits() const {return Bits;}
205  int Get1s() const {return TB1Def::B1Def.GetB1Bits(B1);}
206  int Get0s() const {return Bits-Get1s();}
207  TStr GetStr() const;
208  void Wr();
210  void PutInt(const int& MnBitN, const int& MxBitN, const int& Val){
211  Assert((0<=MnBitN)&&(MnBitN<=MxBitN)&&(MxBitN<Bits));
212  B1 &= TB1Def::TB1((~(TB1Def::B1Def.B1P2T[MxBitN-MnBitN+1]-1)) << MnBitN);
213  B1 |= TB1Def::TB1((Val & (TB1Def::B1Def.B1P2T[MxBitN-MnBitN+1]-1)) << MnBitN);}
214  int GetInt(const int& MnBitN, const int& MxBitN) const {
215  Assert((0<=MnBitN)&&(MnBitN<=MxBitN)&&(MxBitN<Bits));
216  return (B1>>MnBitN) & (TB1Def::B1Def.B1P2T[MxBitN-MnBitN+1]-1);}
218  TB8Set& operator~(){B1=TB1Def::TB1(~B1); return *this;}
219  TB8Set& operator&=(const TB8Set& BSet){B1&=BSet.B1; return *this;}
220  TB8Set& operator|=(const TB8Set& BSet){B1|=BSet.B1; return *this;}
221  TB8Set& operator|=(const int& BitN){Incl(BitN); return *this;}
222  TB8Set& operator^=(const TB8Set& BSet){B1^=BSet.B1; return *this;}
223  TB8Set& operator>>=(const int& ShiftBits){B1>>=ShiftBits; return *this;}
224  TB8Set& operator<<=(const int& ShiftBits){B1<<=ShiftBits; return *this;}
226  friend TB8Set operator~(const TB8Set& BSet){
227  return ~TB8Set(BSet);}
228  friend TB8Set operator&(const TB8Set& LBSet, const TB8Set& RBSet){
229  return TB8Set(LBSet)&=RBSet;}
230  friend TB8Set operator|(const TB8Set& LBSet, const TB8Set& RBSet){
231  return TB8Set(LBSet)|=RBSet;}
232  friend TB8Set operator^(const TB8Set& LBSet, const TB8Set& RBSet){
233  return TB8Set(LBSet)^=RBSet;}
234 };
238 // Bit32-Set
239 class TB32Set{
240 private:
241  static const int Bits;
243 public:
244  TB32Set(): B4(0){}
245  TB32Set(const TB32Set& B32Set): B4(B32Set.B4){}
246  TB32Set(const uint& _B4): B4(_B4){}
247  TB32Set(TSIn& SIn){SIn.LoadBf(&B4, sizeof(TB4Def::TB4));}
248  void Save(TSOut& SOut) const {SOut.SaveBf(&B4, sizeof(TB4Def::TB4));}
250  TB32Set& operator=(const TB32Set& BSet){B4=BSet.B4; return *this;}
251  bool operator==(const TB32Set& BSet) const {return B4==BSet.B4;}
252  bool operator<(const TB32Set& BSet) const {return B4<BSet.B4;}
254  bool Empty() const {return B4==0;}
255  TB32Set& Clr(){B4=0; return *this;}
256  TB32Set& Fill(){B4=TB4Def::B4Def.MxB4; return *this;}
257  bool IsPrefix(const TB32Set& BSet, const int& MnBitN) const {
258  Assert((0<=MnBitN)&&(MnBitN<Bits));
259  return (B4>>MnBitN)==(BSet.B4>>MnBitN);}
260  uint GetUInt() const {return B4;}
262  void Incl(const int& BitN){
263  Assert((0<=BitN)&&(BitN<Bits));
264  B4|=TB4Def::B4Def.B4P2T[BitN];}
265  void Excl(const int& BitN){
266  Assert((0<=BitN)&&(BitN<Bits));
267  B4&=~TB4Def::B4Def.B4P2T[BitN];}
268  bool In(const int& BitN) const {
269  Assert((0<=BitN)&&(BitN<Bits));
270  return (B4 & TB4Def::B4Def.B4P2T[BitN])!=0;}
271  void SetBit(const int& BitN, const bool& Bool){
272  if (Bool) Incl(BitN); else Excl(BitN);}
273  bool GetBit(const int& BitN) const {
274  Assert((0<=BitN)&&(BitN<Bits));
275  return (B4 & TB4Def::B4Def.B4P2T[BitN])!=0;}
276  void SwitchBit(const int& BitN){
277  SetBit(BitN, !GetBit(BitN));}
278  int GetBits() const {return Bits;}
279  int Get1s() const {return TB4Def::B4Def.GetB4Bits(B4);}
280  int Get0s() const {return Bits-Get1s();}
281  TStr GetStr() const;
282  void Wr();
284  void PutInt(const int& MnBitN, const int& MxBitN, const int& Val){
285  Assert((0<=MnBitN)&&(MnBitN<=MxBitN)&&(MxBitN<Bits));
286  B4 &= (~(TB4Def::B4Def.B4P2T[MxBitN-MnBitN+1]-1)) << MnBitN;
287  B4 |= (Val & (TB4Def::B4Def.B4P2T[MxBitN-MnBitN+1]-1)) << MnBitN;}
288  int GetInt(const int& MnBitN, const int& MxBitN) const {
289  Assert((0<=MnBitN)&&(MnBitN<=MxBitN)&&(MxBitN<Bits));
290  return (B4>>MnBitN) & (TB4Def::B4Def.B4P2T[MxBitN-MnBitN+1]-1);}
292  TB32Set& operator~(){B4=~B4; return *this;}
293  TB32Set& operator&=(const TB32Set& BSet){B4&=BSet.B4; return *this;}
294  TB32Set& operator|=(const TB32Set& BSet){B4|=BSet.B4; return *this;}
295  //TB32Set& operator|=(const int& BitN){Incl(BitN); return *this;}
296  TB32Set& operator^=(const TB32Set& BSet){B4^=BSet.B4; return *this;}
297  TB32Set& operator>>=(const int& ShiftBits){B4>>=ShiftBits; return *this;}
298  TB32Set& operator<<=(const int& ShiftBits){B4<<=ShiftBits; return *this;}
300  friend TB32Set operator~(const TB32Set& BSet){
301  return ~TB32Set(BSet);}
302  friend TB32Set operator&(const TB32Set& LBSet, const TB32Set& RBSet){
303  return TB32Set(LBSet)&=RBSet;}
304  friend TB32Set operator|(const TB32Set& LBSet, const TB32Set& RBSet){
305  return TB32Set(LBSet)|=RBSet;}
306  friend TB32Set operator^(const TB32Set& LBSet, const TB32Set& RBSet){
307  return TB32Set(LBSet)^=RBSet;}
308 };
312 // Bit-Set
314 private:
315  int B4s, Bits;
316  TB4Def::TB4 LastB4Mask;
317  TB4Def::TB4* B4T;
318  void SetLastB4(){B4T[B4s-1]&=LastB4Mask;}
319 public:
320  TBSet(): B4s(0), Bits(0), LastB4Mask(0), B4T(NULL){}
321  TBSet(const TBSet& BSet);
322  PBSet Clone() const {return PBSet(new TBSet(*this));}
323  TBSet(const int& _Bits):
324  B4s(0), Bits(0), LastB4Mask(0), B4T(NULL){Gen(_Bits);}
325  static PBSet New(const int& Bits){return PBSet(new TBSet(Bits));}
326  ~TBSet(){delete[] B4T;}
327  TBSet(TSIn& SIn){
328  SIn.Load(B4s); SIn.Load(Bits);
329  SIn.LoadBf(&LastB4Mask, sizeof(TB4Def::TB4));
330  B4T=(TB4Def::TB4*)SIn.LoadNewBf(B4s*sizeof(TB4Def::TB4));}
331  static PBSet Load(TSIn& SIn){return new TBSet(SIn);}
332  void Save(TSOut& SOut) const {
333  SOut.Save(B4s); SOut.Save(Bits);
334  SOut.SaveBf(&LastB4Mask, sizeof(TB4Def::TB4));
335  SOut.SaveBf(B4T, B4s*sizeof(TB4Def::TB4));}
337  TBSet& operator=(const TBSet& BSet);
338  bool operator==(const TBSet& BSet) const;
340  void Gen(const int& _Bits);
341  void Clr();
342  void Fill();
344  void Incl(const int& BitN){
345  Assert((0<=BitN)&&(BitN<Bits));
346  B4T[BitN/TB4Def::B4Def.B4Bits]|=
348  void Excl(const int& BitN){
349  Assert((0<=BitN)&&(BitN<Bits));
350  B4T[BitN/TB4Def::B4Def.B4Bits]&=
351  ~TB4Def::B4Def.B4P2T[BitN%TB4Def::B4Def.B4Bits];}
352  bool In(const int& BitN) const {
353  Assert((0<=BitN)&&(BitN<Bits));
354  return (B4T[BitN/TB4Def::B4Def.B4Bits] &
355  TB4Def::B4Def.B4P2T[BitN%TB4Def::B4Def.B4Bits])!=0;}
356  void SetBit(const int& BitN, const bool& Bool){
357  if (Bool){Incl(BitN);} else {Excl(BitN);}}
358  bool GetBit(const int& BitN) const {
359  Assert((0<=BitN)&&(BitN<Bits));
360  return (B4T[BitN/TB4Def::B4Def.B4Bits] &
361  TB4Def::B4Def.B4P2T[BitN%TB4Def::B4Def.B4Bits])!=0;}
362  void SwitchBit(const int& BitN){
363  SetBit(BitN, !GetBit(BitN));}
364  int GetBits() const {return Bits;}
365  int Get1s();
366  int Get0s(){return Bits-Get1s();}
367  uint64 GetUInt64() const {
368  Assert(Bits>=64); uint64 Val; memcpy(&Val, B4T, 8); return Val;}
369  void Wr();
372  for (int B4N=0; B4N<B4s; B4N++){B4T[B4N]=~B4T[B4N];} return *this;}
373  TBSet& operator&=(const TBSet& BSet){
374  Assert(B4s==BSet.B4s);
375  for (int B4N=0; B4N<B4s; B4N++){B4T[B4N]&=BSet.B4T[B4N];} return *this;}
376  TBSet& operator|=(const TBSet& BSet){
377  Assert(B4s==BSet.B4s);
378  for (int B4N=0; B4N<B4s; B4N++){B4T[B4N]|=BSet.B4T[B4N];} return *this;}
379  TBSet& operator|=(const int& BitN){
380  Incl(BitN); return *this;}
381  TBSet& operator^=(const TBSet& BSet){
382  Assert(B4s==BSet.B4s);
383  for (int B4N=0; B4N<B4s; B4N++){B4T[B4N]^=BSet.B4T[B4N];} return *this;}
385  friend TBSet operator~(const TBSet& BSet){
386  return ~TBSet(BSet);}
387  friend TBSet operator&(const TBSet& LBSet, const TBSet& RBSet){
388  return TBSet(LBSet)&=RBSet;}
389  friend TBSet operator|(const TBSet& LBSet, const TBSet& RBSet){
390  return TBSet(LBSet)|=RBSet;}
391  friend TBSet operator^(const TBSet& LBSet, const TBSet& RBSet){
392  return TBSet(LBSet)^=RBSet;}
394  friend TBSet operator&(const TBSet& LBSet, const int& BitN){
395  return TBSet(LBSet)&=BitN;}
396  friend TBSet operator|(const TBSet& LBSet, const int& BitN){
397  return TBSet(LBSet)|=BitN;}
398  friend TBSet operator^(const TBSet& LBSet, const int& BitN){
399  return TBSet(LBSet)^=BitN;}
400 };
TB32Set & operator<<=(const int &ShiftBits)
Definition: bits.h:298
static const int Bits
Definition: bits.h:168
TB1Def::TB1 B1
Definition: bits.h:169
bool operator<(const TB32Set &BSet) const
Definition: bits.h:252
TStr GetStr() const
Definition: bits.cpp:148
TB32Set & Fill()
Definition: bits.h:256
TBSet(const int &_Bits)
Definition: bits.h:323
TB8Set & operator|=(const TB8Set &BSet)
Definition: bits.h:220
TBSet & operator|=(const int &BitN)
Definition: bits.h:379
TB8Set(const TB8Set &B8Set)
Definition: bits.h:172
Definition: bits.h:166
void SwitchBit(const int &BitN)
Definition: bits.h:276
static uint GetP2(const int &P2Exp)
Definition: bits.cpp:58
Definition: bits.h:5
Definition: bits.h:313
void SetBit(const int &BitN, const bool &Bool)
Definition: bits.h:356
Definition: bits.h:29
int * B1BitsT
Definition: bits.h:12
TB32Set & operator&=(const TB32Set &BSet)
Definition: bits.h:293
bool IsPrefix(const TB8Set &BSet, const int &MnBitN) const
Definition: bits.h:185
TB8Set & operator~()
Definition: bits.h:218
TB8Set & Clr()
Definition: bits.h:183
TFSet & operator|(const TFSet &FSet)
Definition: bits.h:141
void SetBit(const int &BitN, const bool &Bool)
Definition: bits.h:199
static const int MxP2Exp
Definition: bits.h:33
bool Empty() const
Definition: bits.h:145
unsigned int uint
Definition: bd.h:11
TB32Set & Clr()
Definition: bits.h:255
friend TBSet operator|(const TBSet &LBSet, const int &BitN)
Definition: bits.h:396
#define Fail
Definition: bd.h:238
unsigned short int TB2
Definition: bits.h:31
TB2Def & operator=(const TB2Def &)
Definition: bits.h:40
bool Empty() const
Definition: bits.h:254
TB4Def::TB4 B4
Definition: bits.h:242
TB8Set(TSIn &SIn)
Definition: bits.h:174
Definition: bits.h:119
TB8Set & Fill()
Definition: bits.h:184
friend TB32Set operator&(const TB32Set &LBSet, const TB32Set &RBSet)
Definition: bits.h:302
int Get0s() const
Definition: bits.h:280
static const int Bits
Definition: bits.h:241
TB8Set & operator=(const TB8Set &BSet)
Definition: bits.h:177
friend TB8Set operator^(const TB8Set &LBSet, const TB8Set &RBSet)
Definition: bits.h:232
bool IsPrefix(const TB32Set &BSet, const int &MnBitN) const
Definition: bits.h:257
void SetBit(const int &BitN, const bool &Bool)
Definition: bits.h:271
bool GetBit(const int &BitN) const
Definition: bits.h:273
void Wr()
Definition: bits.cpp:138
void Incl(const int &FlagN)
Definition: bits.h:149
TB32Set(const uint &_B4)
Definition: bits.h:246
Definition: bits.h:123
TBSet(TSIn &SIn)
Definition: bits.h:327
friend TBSet operator|(const TBSet &LBSet, const TBSet &RBSet)
Definition: bits.h:389
Definition: bits.cpp:7
int GetBits() const
Definition: bits.h:364
static const int MxP2Exp
Definition: bits.h:55
Definition: bits.cpp:77
int Get0s()
Definition: bits.h:366
TB32Set & operator|=(const TB32Set &BSet)
Definition: bits.h:294
static int GetL2(const uint &Val)
Definition: bits.cpp:96
static const int MxP2Exp
Definition: bits.h:9
void PutInt(const int &MnBitN, const int &MxBitN, const int &Val)
Definition: bits.h:210
TBSet & operator&=(const TBSet &BSet)
Definition: bits.h:373
Definition: bits.h:125
void SwitchBit(const int &BitN)
Definition: bits.h:362
int GetInt(const int &MnBitN, const int &MxBitN) const
Definition: bits.h:214
bool In(const int &BitN) const
Definition: bits.h:196
TFSet(const TFSet &FSet1, const TFSet &FSet2)
Definition: bits.h:131
static const int B2Bits
Definition: bits.h:32
static int GetL2(const TB2 &Val)
Definition: bits.cpp:63
friend TB32Set operator^(const TB32Set &LBSet, const TB32Set &RBSet)
Definition: bits.h:306
friend TBSet operator~(const TBSet &BSet)
Definition: bits.h:385
uint GetUInt() const
Definition: bits.h:260
TB32Set & operator^=(const TB32Set &BSet)
Definition: bits.h:296
static const int B4s
Definition: bits.h:121
TB8Set & operator^=(const TB8Set &BSet)
Definition: bits.h:222
Definition: bits.h:38
Definition: bits.h:133
Definition: fl.h:58
void Save(TSOut &SOut) const
Definition: ds.h:954
void Save(TSOut &SOut) const
Definition: bits.h:248
void Excl(const int &BitN)
Definition: bits.h:348
TB1 * B1P2T
Definition: bits.h:11
int GetBits() const
Definition: bits.h:204
bool operator<(const TB8Set &BSet) const
Definition: bits.h:180
Definition: bits.h:320
void Save(TSOut &SOut) const
Definition: bits.h:135
void Incl(const int &BitN)
Definition: bits.h:344
#define ClassTPV(TNm, PNm, TNmV)
Definition: bd.h:162
int GetInt(const int &MnBitN, const int &MxBitN) const
Definition: bits.h:288
friend TB8Set operator|(const TB8Set &LBSet, const TB8Set &RBSet)
Definition: bits.h:230
TFSet & operator=(const TFSet &FSet)
Definition: bits.h:137
bool GetBit(const int &BitN) const
Definition: bits.h:358
static uint GetP2(const int &P2Exp)
Definition: bits.cpp:22
bool Empty() const
Definition: bits.h:182
friend TBSet operator^(const TBSet &LBSet, const TBSet &RBSet)
Definition: bits.h:391
void PutInt(const int &MnBitN, const int &MxBitN, const int &Val)
Definition: bits.h:284
static const TB4 MxB4
Definition: bits.h:56
static int GetB1Bits(const TB1 &B1)
Definition: bits.cpp:18
static bool GetBit(const int &BitN, const uchar &Val)
Definition: bits.cpp:33
unsigned long long uint64
Definition: bd.h:38
TB8Set & operator=(const uchar &_B1)
Definition: bits.h:178
void Load(bool &Bool)
Definition: fl.h:84
bool operator==(const TB32Set &BSet) const
Definition: bits.h:251
void Clr()
Definition: bits.h:143
static const TB2 MxB2
Definition: bits.h:34
static int GetL2(const uchar &Val)
Definition: bits.cpp:27
void * LoadNewBf(const int &BfL)
Definition: fl.h:82
TB32Set & operator>>=(const int &ShiftBits)
Definition: bits.h:297
#define Assert(Cond)
Definition: bd.h:251
bool operator==(const TFSet &FSet) const
Definition: bits.h:139
TB8Set & operator>>=(const int &ShiftBits)
Definition: bits.h:223
TB32Set & operator~()
Definition: bits.h:292
TB8Set & operator|=(const int &BitN)
Definition: bits.h:221
friend TB32Set operator|(const TB32Set &LBSet, const TB32Set &RBSet)
Definition: bits.h:304
friend TB8Set operator&(const TB8Set &LBSet, const TB8Set &RBSet)
Definition: bits.h:228
bool In(const int &BitN) const
Definition: bits.h:268
TB8Set & operator&=(const TB8Set &BSet)
Definition: bits.h:219
void Incl(const int &BitN)
Definition: bits.h:262
TB32Set(TSIn &SIn)
Definition: bits.h:247
friend TBSet operator&(const TBSet &LBSet, const int &BitN)
Definition: bits.h:394
Definition: bits.h:244
TBSet & operator|=(const TBSet &BSet)
Definition: bits.h:376
TB32Set & operator=(const TB32Set &BSet)
Definition: bits.h:250
TB1Def & operator=(const TB1Def &)
Definition: bits.h:17
unsigned char uchar
Definition: bd.h:10
void SaveBf(const void *Bf, const TSize &BfL)
Definition: fl.h:172
Definition: fl.h:128
TFSet(TSIn &SIn)
Definition: bits.h:134
TVec< TB32Set > TB32SetV
Definition: bits.h:309
Definition: bits.h:239
static int GetB4Bits(const TB4 &B4)
Definition: bits.cpp:83
static const TB4Def B4Def
Definition: bits.h:68
void Save(const bool &Bool)
Definition: fl.h:173
int Get1s() const
Definition: bits.h:205
int B4s
Definition: bits.h:315
static PBSet New(const int &Bits)
Definition: bits.h:325
TB32Set(const TB32Set &B32Set)
Definition: bits.h:245
static const TFSet EmptyFSet
Definition: bits.h:161
static int GetB2Bits(const TB2 &B2)
Definition: bits.cpp:52
int Get0s() const
Definition: bits.h:206
void Incl(const TFSet &FSet)
Definition: bits.h:153
static const TB1 MxB1
Definition: bits.h:10
bool In(const int &BitN) const
Definition: bits.h:352
static const int B1Bits
Definition: bits.h:8
bool GetBit(const int &BitN) const
Definition: bits.h:201
friend TB8Set operator~(const TB8Set &BSet)
Definition: bits.h:226
Definition: bits.h:60
TBSet & operator~()
Definition: bits.h:371
void Save(TSOut &SOut) const
Definition: bits.h:332
uchar TB1
Definition: bits.h:7
static const TB1Def B1Def
Definition: bits.h:24
Definition: dt.h:412
Definition: bits.h:51
int GetBits() const
Definition: bits.h:278
TPt< TBSet > PBSet
Definition: bits.h:313
TB2 * B2P2T
Definition: bits.h:35
TB8Set(const uchar &_B1)
Definition: bits.h:173
void LoadBf(const void *Bf, const TSize &BfL)
Definition: fl.h:81
static const int Bits
Definition: bits.h:122
TVec< TB8Set > TB8SetV
Definition: bits.h:235
Definition: bits.h:326
friend TB32Set operator~(const TB32Set &BSet)
Definition: bits.h:300
TB4Def::TB4 * B4T
Definition: bits.h:317
void Incl(const int &BitN)
Definition: bits.h:190
Definition: bd.h:196
static PBSet Load(TSIn &SIn)
Definition: bits.h:331
TBSet & operator^=(const TBSet &BSet)
Definition: bits.h:381
uint TB4
Definition: bits.h:53
bool operator==(const TB8Set &BSet) const
Definition: bits.h:179
void Wr()
Definition: bits.cpp:155
void Excl(const int &BitN)
Definition: bits.h:265
void Save(TSOut &SOut) const
Definition: bits.h:175
int Get1s() const
Definition: bits.h:279
TStr GetStr() const
Definition: bits.cpp:131
friend TBSet operator^(const TBSet &LBSet, const int &BitN)
Definition: bits.h:398
void Excl(const int &BitN)
Definition: bits.h:193
TFSet & operator|(const int &FlagN)
Definition: bits.h:140
Definition: bits.h:15
uint64 GetUInt64() const
Definition: bits.h:367
static uint GetP2(const int &P2Exp)
Definition: bits.cpp:91
friend TBSet operator&(const TBSet &LBSet, const TBSet &RBSet)
Definition: bits.h:387
TB8Set & operator<<=(const int &ShiftBits)
Definition: bits.h:224
static const int B4Bits
Definition: bits.h:54
Definition: bits.cpp:46
PBSet Clone() const
Definition: bits.h:322
uchar GetUCh() const
Definition: bits.h:188
Definition: bits.h:171
TB4Def & operator=(const TB4Def &)
Definition: bits.h:62
TB4 * B4P2T
Definition: bits.h:57
static const TB2Def B2Def
Definition: bits.h:46
bool In(const int &FlagN) const
Definition: bits.h:156
TFSet(const TFSet &FSet)
Definition: bits.h:126