SNAP Library 6.0, Developer Reference  2020-12-09 16:24:20
SNAP, a general purpose, high performance system for analysis and manipulation of large networks
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1 #include "bd.h"
4 // Forward
5 class TILx;
6 class TOLx;
7 class TTm;
10 // Time-Units (round time to one of the buckets)
11 typedef enum {
13  tmu1Hour, tmu2Hour, tmu4Hour, tmu6Hour, tmu12Hour, tmuDay, tmuWeek, // Sunday is the start of the week
15  // wrap around time
16  // tmuWrapHour, tmuWrapDay, tmuWrapWeek, tmuWrapMonth, tmuWrapYear
17 } TTmUnit;
20 // Time-Info
21 class TTmInfo{
22 private:
23  static bool InitP;
24  static TStrV UsMonthNmV;
25  static TStrV SiMonthNmV;
28  static void InitMonthNmV();
29  static void InitDayOfWeekNmV();
30  static void EnsureInit(){
31  if (!InitP){InitMonthNmV(); InitDayOfWeekNmV(); InitP=true;}}
32 public:
33  static int GetMonthN(const TStr& MonthNm, const TLoc& Loc=lUs);
34  static bool IsMonthNm(const TStr& MonthNm, const TLoc& Loc=lUs){
35  return GetMonthN(MonthNm, Loc)!=-1;}
36  static TStr GetMonthNm(const int& MonthN, const TLoc& Loc=lUs);
37  static int GetDayOfWeekN(const TStr& DayOfWeekNm, const TLoc& Loc=lUs);
38  static bool IsDayOfWeekNm(const TStr& DayOfWeekNm, const TLoc& Loc=lUs){
39  return GetDayOfWeekN(DayOfWeekNm, Loc)!=-1;}
40  static TStr GetDayOfWeekNm(const int& DayOfWeekN, const TLoc& Loc=lUs);
41  static TStr GetHmFromMins(const int& Mins);
42  static int GetTmUnitSecs(const TTmUnit& TmUnit);
43  static TStr GetTmUnitStr(const TTmUnit& TmUnit);
44  static TStr GetTmZoneDiffStr(const TStr& TmZoneStr);
46  // day-of-week numbers
47  static const int SunN; static const int MonN;
48  static const int TueN; static const int WedN;
49  static const int ThuN; static const int FriN;
50  static const int SatN;
52  // month numbers
53  static const int JanN; static const int FebN;
54  static const int MarN; static const int AprN;
55  static const int MayN; static const int JunN;
56  static const int JulN; static const int AugN;
57  static const int SepN; static const int OctN;
58  static const int NovN; static const int DecN;
60  // time duration (msecs)
61  static uint64 GetMinMSecs(){return 60*1000;}
62  static uint64 GetHourMSecs(){return 60*60*1000;}
63  static uint64 GetDayMSecs(){return 24*60*60*1000;}
64  static uint64 GetWeekMSecs(){return 7*24*60*60*1000;}
65 };
68 // Julian-Dates
70 public:
71  static int LastJulianDate; /* last day to use Julian calendar */
72  static int LastJulianDateN; /* jdn of same */
73  static int GetJulianDateN(int d, int m, int y);
74  static void GetCalendarDate(int jdn, int& dd, int& mm, int& yy);
75 };
78 // Seconds-Time
79 // NOTE: Time origin is relative to time zone. Regardless of computer time
80 // zone second 0 maps to "Jan 1 1970 00:00" (so time zone information is lost)
81 class TSecTm {
82 private:
83  TUInt AbsSecs; // pretend that local time zone is UTC
84 private:
85  // functions that interact with C time functions (time.h)
86  static bool GetTmSec(const int& YearN, const int& MonthN, const int& DayN,
87  const int& HourN, const int& MinN, const int& SecN, uint& AbsSec);
88  static bool GetTmSec(struct tm& Tm, uint& AbsSec);
89  static bool GetTmStruct(const uint& AbsSec, struct tm& Tm);
90  static time_t MkGmTime(struct tm *t); // implementation of _mkgmtime
91 public:
92  TSecTm(): AbsSecs(TUInt::Mx){}
93  explicit TSecTm(const uint& _AbsSecs): AbsSecs(_AbsSecs){}
94  operator uint() const {return AbsSecs.Val;}
95  TSecTm(const TSecTm& SecTm): AbsSecs(SecTm.AbsSecs){}
96  TSecTm(const int& YearN, const int& MonthN, const int& DayN,
97  const int& HourN=0, const int& MinN=0, const int& SecN=0);
98  TSecTm(const TTm& Tm);
99  explicit TSecTm(const PXmlTok& XmlTok);
100  PXmlTok GetXmlTok() const;
101  TSecTm(TSIn& SIn): AbsSecs(SIn){}
102  void Load(TSIn& SIn){AbsSecs.Load(SIn);}
103  void Save(TSOut& SOut) const {AbsSecs.Save(SOut);}
105  TSecTm& operator=(const TSecTm& SecTm){
106  AbsSecs=SecTm.AbsSecs; return *this;}
107  TSecTm& operator=(const uint& _AbsSecs){
108  AbsSecs=_AbsSecs; return *this;}
109  TSecTm& operator+=(const uint& Secs){
110  IAssert(IsDef()); AbsSecs()+=Secs; return *this;}
111  TSecTm& operator-=(const uint& Secs){
112  IAssert(IsDef()); AbsSecs()-=Secs; return *this;}
113  bool operator==(const TSecTm& SecTm) const {
114  return AbsSecs==SecTm.AbsSecs;}
115  bool operator<(const TSecTm& SecTm) const {
116  IAssert(IsDef()&&SecTm.IsDef()); return AbsSecs<SecTm.AbsSecs;}
117  int GetMemUsed() const {return AbsSecs.GetMemUsed();}
119  int GetPrimHashCd() const {return AbsSecs.GetPrimHashCd();}
120  int GetSecHashCd() const {return AbsSecs.GetSecHashCd();}
122  // definition
123  bool IsDef() const {return uint(AbsSecs)!=TUInt::Mx;}
124  void Undef(){AbsSecs=TUInt::Mx;}
126  // string retrieval
127  TStr GetStr(const TLoc& Loc=lUs) const;
128  TStr GetStr(const TTmUnit& TmUnit) const;
129  TStr GetDtStr(const TLoc& Loc=lUs) const;
130  TStr GetDtMdyStr() const;
131  TStr GetDtYmdStr() const;
132  TStr GetYmdTmStr() const; // returns "y-m-d h:m:s"
133  TStr GetYmdTmStr2() const; // returns "y-m-d-h:m:s"
134  TStr GetTmStr() const;
135  TStr GetTmMinStr() const;
136  TStr GetDtTmSortStr() const;
137  TStr GetDtTmSortFNmStr() const;
139  // component retrieval
140  int GetYearN() const;
141  int GetMonthN() const;
142  TStr GetMonthNm(const TLoc& Loc=lUs) const;
143  int GetDayN() const;
144  int GetDayOfWeekN() const;
145  TStr GetDayOfWeekNm(const TLoc& Loc=lUs) const;
146  int GetHourN() const;
147  int GetMinN() const;
148  int GetSecN() const;
149  void GetComps(int& Year, int& Month, int& Day, int& Hour, int& Min, int& Sec) const;
150  uint GetAbsSecs() const {return AbsSecs();}
151  TSecTm Round(const TTmUnit& TmUnit) const;
152  uint GetInUnits(const TTmUnit& TmUnit) const;
153  TStr GetDayPart() const;
155  // additions/substractions
156  TSecTm& AddSecs(const int& Secs){
157  IAssert(IsDef()); AbsSecs.Val+=uint(Secs); return *this;}
158  TSecTm& SubSecs(const int& Secs){
159  IAssert(IsDef() && uint(Secs) < AbsSecs); AbsSecs.Val-=uint(Secs); return *this;}
160  TSecTm& AddMins(const int& Mins){
161  IAssert(IsDef()); AbsSecs.Val+=uint(Mins*60); return *this;}
162  TSecTm& SubMins(const int& Mins){
163  IAssert(IsDef() && uint(Mins*60) < AbsSecs); AbsSecs.Val-=uint(Mins*60); return *this;}
164  TSecTm& AddHours(const int& Hours){
165  IAssert(IsDef()); AbsSecs.Val+=uint(Hours*3600); return *this;}
166  TSecTm& SubHours(const int& Hours){
167  IAssert(IsDef() && uint(Hours*3600) < AbsSecs); AbsSecs.Val-=uint(Hours*3600); return *this;}
168  TSecTm& AddDays(const int& Days){
169  IAssert(IsDef()); AbsSecs.Val+=uint(Days*24*3600); return *this;}
170  TSecTm& SubDays(const int& Days){
171  IAssert(IsDef() && uint(Days*24*3600) < AbsSecs); AbsSecs.Val-=uint(Days*24*3600); return *this;}
172  TSecTm& AddWeeks(const int& Weeks){
173  IAssert(IsDef()); AbsSecs.Val+=uint(Weeks*7*24*3600); return *this;}
174  TSecTm& SubWeeks(const int& Weeks){
175  IAssert(IsDef() && uint(Weeks*7*24*3600) < AbsSecs); AbsSecs.Val-=uint(Weeks*7*24*3600); return *this;}
176  static uint GetDSecs(const TSecTm& SecTm1, const TSecTm& SecTm2);
177  /*friend TSecTm operator+(const TSecTm& SecTm, const uint& Secs){
178  return TSecTm(SecTm)+=Secs;}
179  friend TSecTm operator-(const TSecTm& SecTm, const uint& Secs){
180  return TSecTm(SecTm)-=Secs;}
181  friend TSecTm operator+(const TSecTm& SecTm1, const TSecTm& SecTm2){
182  return TSecTm(SecTm1)+=SecTm2.AbsSecs;}
183  friend TSecTm operator-(const TSecTm& SecTm1, const TSecTm& SecTm2){
184  return TSecTm(SecTm1)-=SecTm2.AbsSecs;}*/
186  // time construction
187  static TSecTm GetZeroTm(){return TSecTm(0).AddHours(23);}
188  static TSecTm GetZeroWeekTm();
189  static TSecTm GetCurTm();
190  static TSecTm GetCurDtTm(){return GetDtTm(GetCurTm());}
191  static TSecTm GetDtTmFromHmsStr(const TStr& HmsStr);
192  static TSecTm GetDtTmFromMdyStr(const TStr& MdyStr);
193  static TSecTm GetDtTmFromDmyStr(const TStr& DmyStr);
194  static TSecTm GetDtTmFromMdyHmsPmStr(const TStr& MdyHmsPmStr,
195  const char& DateSepCh='/', const char& TimeSepCh=':');
196  static TSecTm GetDtTmFromYmdHmsStr(const TStr& YmdHmsPmStr,
197  const char& DateSepCh='-', const char& TimeSepCh=':');
198  static TSecTm GetDtTmFromStr(const TChA& YmdHmsPmStr, const int& YearId=0, const int& MonId=1,
199  const int& DayId=2, const int& HourId=3, const int& MinId=4, const int& SecId=5);
200  static TSecTm GetDtTm(const int& YearN, const int& MonthN, const int& DayN);
201  static TSecTm GetDtTm(const TSecTm& Tm);
203  // text load/save
204  static TSecTm LoadTxt(TILx& Lx);
205  void SaveTxt(TOLx& Lx) const;
206 };
212 // Time
213 class TTm{
214 private:
217 public:
218  TTm():
219  Year(-1), Month(-1), Day(-1), DayOfWeek(-1),
220  Hour(-1), Min(-1), Sec(-1), MSec(-1){}
221  TTm(const TTm& Tm):
222  Year(Tm.Year), Month(Tm.Month), Day(Tm.Day), DayOfWeek(Tm.DayOfWeek),
223  Hour(Tm.Hour), Min(Tm.Min), Sec(Tm.Sec), MSec(Tm.MSec){}
225  const int& _Year, const int& _Month, const int& _Day, const int& _DayOfWeek=-1,
226  const int& _Hour=0, const int& _Min=0, const int& _Sec=0, const int& _MSec=0):
227  Year(_Year), Month(_Month), Day(_Day), DayOfWeek(_DayOfWeek),
228  Hour(_Hour), Min(_Min), Sec(_Sec), MSec(_MSec){}
229  TTm(const TSecTm& SecTm):
230  Year(SecTm.GetYearN()), Month(SecTm.GetMonthN()), Day(SecTm.GetDayN()),
231  DayOfWeek(SecTm.GetDayOfWeekN()), Hour(SecTm.GetHourN()),
232  Min(SecTm.GetMinN()), Sec(SecTm.GetSecN()), MSec(0){}
233  ~TTm(){}
234  TTm(TSIn& SIn):
235  Year(SIn), Month(SIn), Day(SIn), DayOfWeek(SIn),
236  Hour(SIn), Min(SIn), Sec(SIn), MSec(SIn){}
237  void Save(TSOut& SOut) const {
238  Year.Save(SOut); Month.Save(SOut); Day.Save(SOut); DayOfWeek.Save(SOut);
239  Hour.Save(SOut); Min.Save(SOut); Sec.Save(SOut); MSec.Save(SOut);}
241  TTm& operator=(const TTm& Tm){
242  Year=Tm.Year; Month=Tm.Month; Day=Tm.Day; DayOfWeek=Tm.DayOfWeek;
243  Hour=Tm.Hour; Min=Tm.Min; Sec=Tm.Sec; MSec=Tm.MSec;
244  return *this;}
245  bool operator==(const TTm& Tm) const {
246  return
247  (Year==Tm.Year)&&(Month==Tm.Month)&&(Day==Tm.Day)&&
248  (Hour==Tm.Hour)&&(Min==Tm.Min)&&(Sec==Tm.Sec)&&(MSec==Tm.MSec);}
249  bool operator<(const TTm& Tm) const {
250  return
251  (Year<Tm.Year)||
252  ((Year==Tm.Year)&&(Month<Tm.Month))||
253  ((Year==Tm.Year)&&(Month==Tm.Month)&&(Day<Tm.Day))||
254  (((Year==Tm.Year)&&(Month==Tm.Month)&&(Day==Tm.Day))&&(
255  (Hour<Tm.Hour)||
256  ((Hour==Tm.Hour)&&(Min<Tm.Min))||
257  ((Hour==Tm.Hour)&&(Min==Tm.Min)&&(Sec<Tm.Sec))||
258  ((Hour==Tm.Hour)&&(Min==Tm.Min)&&(Sec==Tm.Sec)&&(MSec<Tm.MSec))));} // saxo
259  int GetMemUsed() const {return sizeof(TTm);}
261  int GetPrimHashCd() const {return Year*Month*Day+Hour*Min*Sec*MSec;}
262  int GetSecHashCd() const {return Year*Month*Day;}
264  // defined
265  bool IsDef() const {
266  return (Year!=-1)&&(Month!=-1)&&(Day!=-1)&&
267  (Hour!=-1)&&(Min!=-1)&&(Sec!=-1)&&(MSec!=-1);}
268  void Undef(){
269  Year=-1; Month=-1; Day=-1; DayOfWeek=-1;
270  Hour=-1; Min=-1; Sec=-1; MSec=-1;}
271  // check if time is defined
272  bool IsTimeDef() const { return !(Hour==0 && Min==0 && Sec==0 && MSec==0); }
274  // get components
275  int GetYear() const {return Year;}
276  int GetMonth() const {return Month;}
277  TStr GetMonthNm() const {return TTmInfo::GetMonthNm(Month+1);}
278  int GetDay() const {return Day;}
279  int GetDayOfWeek() const {return DayOfWeek;}
280  TStr GetDayOfWeekNm() const {return TTmInfo::GetDayOfWeekNm(DayOfWeek);}
281  int GetHour() const {return Hour;}
282  int GetMin() const {return Min;}
283  int GetSec() const {return Sec;}
284  int GetMSec() const {return MSec;}
286  // time string formats
287  TStr GetStr(const bool& MSecP=true) const;
288  TStr GetYMDDashStr() const;
289  TStr GetHMSTColonDotStr(const bool& FullP=false, const bool& MSecP=true) const;
290  TStr GetWebLogDateStr() const {return GetYMDDashStr();}
291  TStr GetWebLogTimeStr() const {return GetHMSTColonDotStr(false);}
292  TStr GetWebLogDateTimeStr(const bool& FullP=false, const TStr& DateTimeSepCh=" ", const bool& MSecP=true) const {
293  return GetYMDDashStr()+DateTimeSepCh+GetHMSTColonDotStr(FullP, MSecP);}
294  TStr GetIdStr() const;
295  TSecTm GetSecTm() const {
296  return TSecTm(Year, Month, Day, Hour, Min, Sec);}
298  // calculation
299  void AddTime(const int& Hours, const int& Mins=0, const int& Secs=0, const int& MSecs=0);
300  void AddDays(const int& Days){AddTime(Days*24);}
301  void SubTime(const int& Hours, const int& Mins=0, const int& Secs=0, const int& MSecs=0);
302  void SubDays(const int& Days){SubTime(Days*24);}
304  // static functions
305  static TTm GetCurUniTm();
306  static TTm GetUniqueCurUniTm();
307  static TTm GetUniqueCurUniTm(const int& UniqueSpaces, const int& UniqueSpaceN);
308  static TTm GetCurLocTm();
309  static uint64 GetCurUniMSecs();
310  static uint64 GetCurLocMSecs();
311  static uint64 GetMSecsFromTm(const TTm& Tm);
312  static TTm GetTmFromMSecs(const uint64& MSecs);
313  static uint GetMSecsFromOsStart();
314  static uint64 GetPerfTimerFq();
315  static uint64 GetPerfTimerTicks();
316  static void GetDiff(const TTm& Tm1, const TTm& Tm2, int& Days,
317  int& Hours, int& Mins, int& Secs, int& MSecs);
318  static uint64 GetDiffMSecs(const TTm& Tm1, const TTm& Tm2);
319  static uint64 GetDiffSecs(const TTm& Tm1, const TTm& Tm2){
320  return GetDiffMSecs(Tm1, Tm2)/uint64(1000);}
321  static uint64 GetDiffMins(const TTm& Tm1, const TTm& Tm2){
322  return GetDiffMSecs(Tm1, Tm2)/uint64(1000*60);}
323  static uint64 GetDiffHrs(const TTm& Tm1, const TTm& Tm2){
324  return GetDiffMSecs(Tm1, Tm2)/uint64(1000*60*60);}
325  static uint64 GetDiffDays(const TTm& Tm1, const TTm& Tm2){
326  return GetDiffMSecs(Tm1, Tm2)/uint64(1000*60*60*24);}
327  static TTm GetLocTmFromUniTm(const TTm& Tm);
328  static TTm GetUniTmFromLocTm(const TTm& Tm);
329  static TTm GetTmFromWebLogTimeStr(const TStr& TimeStr,
330  const char TimeSepCh=':', const char MSecSepCh='.');
331  static TTm GetTmFromWebLogDateTimeStr(const TStr& DateTimeStr,
332  const char DateSepCh='-', const char TimeSepCh=':',
333  const char MSecSepCh='.', const char DateTimeSepCh=' ');
334  static TTm GetTmFromIdStr(const TStr& IdStr);
336  // get unix timestamp
337  static uint GetDateTimeInt(const int& Year = 0, const int& Month = 0,
338  const int& Day = 1, const int& Hour = 0, const int& Min = 0,
339  const int& Sec = 0);
340  static uint GetDateIntFromTm(const TTm& Tm);
341  static uint GetMonthIntFromTm(const TTm& Tm);
342  static uint GetYearIntFromTm(const TTm& Tm);
343  static uint GetDateTimeIntFromTm(const TTm& Tm);
344  static TTm GetTmFromDateTimeInt(const uint& DateTimeInt);
345  static TSecTm GetSecTmFromDateTimeInt(const uint& DateTimeInt);
346 };
347 typedef TVec<TTm> TTmV;
354 // Execution-Time
355 class TExeTm{
356 private:
357  int LastTick;
358 public:
359  TExeTm(): LastTick(0) { Tick(); }
360  TExeTm(const TExeTm& Tm): LastTick(Tm.LastTick) { }
361  TExeTm& operator=(const TExeTm& Tm){
362  LastTick=Tm.LastTick; return *this;}
364  void Tick(){LastTick=(int)clock();}
365  int GetTime() const {return int(clock()-LastTick);}
366  double GetSecs() const {return double(clock()-LastTick)/double(CLOCKS_PER_SEC);}
367  int GetSecInt() { return TFlt::Round(GetSecs()); }
368  const char* GetStr() const {return GetTmStr();}
369  TStr GetStr2() const {return GetTmStr();}
370  const char* GetTmStr() const { static char TmStr[32];
371  if (GetSecs() < 60) { sprintf(TmStr, "%.2fs", GetSecs()); }
372  else if (GetSecs() < 3600) { sprintf(TmStr, "%02dm%02ds", int(GetSecs())/60, int(GetSecs())%60); }
373  else { sprintf(TmStr, "%02dh%02dm", int(GetSecs())/3600, (int(GetSecs())%3600)/60); } return TmStr; }
374  static char* GetCurTm(){ static TStr TmStr; TmStr=TSecTm::GetCurTm().GetTmStr(); return TmStr.CStr(); }
375 };
378 // Time-Stop-Watch
380 private:
381  int TmSoFar;
382  bool RunningP;
384 public:
385  TTmStopWatch(const bool& Start = false): TmSoFar(0), RunningP(Start) { }
387  void Start() { if (!RunningP) { RunningP = true; ExeTm.Tick(); } }
388  void Stop() { if (RunningP) { RunningP = false; TmSoFar += ExeTm.GetTime(); } }
389  void Reset(const bool& Start) { TmSoFar = 0; RunningP = Start; ExeTm.Tick(); }
391  int GetTime() const { return TmSoFar + (RunningP ? ExeTm.GetTime() : 0); }
392  double GetSec() const { return double(GetTime()) / double(CLOCKS_PER_SEC); }
393  int GetSecInt() const { return TFlt::Round(GetSec()); }
394  double GetMSec() const { return double(GetTime()) / double(CLOCKS_PER_SEC/1000); }
395  int GetMSecInt() const { return TFlt::Round(GetMSec()); }
396 };
399 // Time-Profiler - poor-man's profiler
401 private:
402  TInt MxNmLen;
405 public:
407  static PTmProfiler New() { return new TTmProfiler; }
409  int AddTimer(const TStr& TimerNm);
410  int GetTimerId(const TStr& TimerNm) const { return TimerH.GetKeyId(TimerNm); }
411  TStr GetTimerNm(const int& TimerId) const { return TimerH.GetKey(TimerId); }
412  int GetTimers() const { return TimerH.Len(); }
413  int GetTimerIdFFirst() const { return TimerH.FFirstKeyId(); }
414  bool GetTimerIdFNext(int& TimerId) const { return TimerH.FNextKeyId(TimerId); }
415  // starts counting
416  void StartTimer(const TStr& TimerNm) { TimerH.GetDat(TimerNm).Start(); }
417  void StartTimer(const int& TimerId) { TimerH[TimerId].Start(); }
418  // stops counting
419  void StopTimer(const TStr& TimerNm) { TimerH.GetDat(TimerNm).Stop(); }
420  void StopTimer(const int& TimerId) { TimerH[TimerId].Stop(); }
421  // reset
422  void ResetAll();
423  void ResetTimer(const TStr& TimerNm) { TimerH.GetDat(TimerNm).Reset(false); }
424  void ResetTimer(const int& TimerId) { TimerH[TimerId].Reset(false); }
425  // report
426  double GetTimerSumSec() const;
427  double GetTimerSec(const int& TimerId) const;
428  void PrintReport(const TStr& ProfileNm = "") const;
429 };
432 // Timer
433 class TTmTimer {
434 private:
435  int MxMSecs;
439 public:
440  TTmTimer(const int& _MxMSecs): MxMSecs(_MxMSecs), StopWatch(true) { }
442  // restarts the timer from 0
443  void Restart() { StopWatch.Reset(true); }
444  // returns true if the time has ran out
445  bool IsTimeUp() const { return (StopWatch.GetMSecInt() > MxMSecs); }
446 };
Definition: ds.h:346
#define IAssert(Cond)
Definition: bd.h:262
void GetComps(int &Year, int &Month, int &Day, int &Hour, int &Min, int &Sec) const
Definition: tm.cpp:614
int GetMSecInt() const
Definition: tm.h:395
void Start()
Definition: tm.h:387
int GetMin() const
Definition: tm.h:282
TStr GetWebLogDateStr() const
Definition: tm.h:290
static TStrV UsMonthNmV
Definition: tm.h:24
TStr GetYmdTmStr2() const
Definition: tm.cpp:514
TExeTm(const TExeTm &Tm)
Definition: tm.h:360
static TStrV SiDayOfWeekNmV
Definition: tm.h:27
TInt MSec
Definition: tm.h:216
bool GetTimerIdFNext(int &TimerId) const
Definition: tm.h:414
int GetMinN() const
Definition: tm.cpp:602
int GetMemUsed() const
Definition: tm.h:259
static TSecTm GetDtTmFromStr(const TChA &YmdHmsPmStr, const int &YearId=0, const int &MonId=1, const int &DayId=2, const int &HourId=3, const int &MinId=4, const int &SecId=5)
Definition: tm.cpp:915
static char * GetCurTm()
Definition: tm.h:374
int GetMSec() const
Definition: tm.h:284
static void GetCalendarDate(int jdn, int &dd, int &mm, int &yy)
Definition: tm.cpp:327
TSecTm & AddDays(const int &Days)
Definition: tm.h:168
TPair< TTm, TStr > TTmStrPr
Definition: tm.h:348
static TSecTm GetDtTmFromYmdHmsStr(const TStr &YmdHmsPmStr, const char &DateSepCh='-', const char &TimeSepCh=':')
Definition: tm.cpp:859
void Restart()
Definition: tm.h:443
static uint64 GetDayMSecs()
Definition: tm.h:63
static uint64 GetCurLocMSecs()
Definition: tm.cpp:1068
static void InitDayOfWeekNmV()
Definition: tm.cpp:24
TStr GetWebLogDateTimeStr(const bool &FullP=false, const TStr &DateTimeSepCh=" ", const bool &MSecP=true) const
Definition: tm.h:292
Definition: tm.h:69
static uint64 GetDiffMins(const TTm &Tm1, const TTm &Tm2)
Definition: tm.h:321
Definition: tm.h:355
static uint GetDateIntFromTm(const TTm &Tm)
Definition: tm.cpp:1242
TStr GetStr2() const
Definition: tm.h:369
TExeTm ExeTm
Definition: tm.h:383
int GetMonth() const
Definition: tm.h:276
TSecTm & SubSecs(const int &Secs)
Definition: tm.h:158
static void GetDiff(const TTm &Tm1, const TTm &Tm2, int &Days, int &Hours, int &Mins, int &Secs, int &MSecs)
Definition: tm.cpp:1092
static int GetJulianDateN(int d, int m, int y)
Definition: tm.cpp:303
static void EnsureInit()
Definition: tm.h:30
static void InitMonthNmV()
Definition: tm.cpp:9
Definition: tm.h:13
Definition: tm.h:13
int GetYearN() const
Definition: tm.cpp:560
TTmStopWatch(const bool &Start=false)
Definition: tm.h:385
bool IsDef() const
Definition: tm.h:123
Definition: tm.h:12
static const uint Mx
Definition: dt.h:1247
void Save(TSOut &SOut) const
Definition: dt.h:1153
TStr GetYMDDashStr() const
Definition: tm.cpp:975
static TTm GetUniTmFromLocTm(const TTm &Tm)
Definition: tm.cpp:1121
static TSecTm GetDtTmFromHmsStr(const TStr &HmsStr)
Definition: tm.cpp:712
static int LastJulianDate
Definition: tm.h:71
unsigned int uint
Definition: bd.h:11
static uint64 GetCurUniMSecs()
Definition: tm.cpp:1064
int GetDayOfWeekN() const
Definition: tm.cpp:584
double GetMSec() const
Definition: tm.h:394
Definition: tm.h:12
void Save(TSOut &SOut) const
Definition: tm.h:237
TInt Day
Definition: tm.h:215
static bool IsDayOfWeekNm(const TStr &DayOfWeekNm, const TLoc &Loc=lUs)
Definition: tm.h:38
void SubDays(const int &Days)
Definition: tm.h:302
TTm(const int &_Year, const int &_Month, const int &_Day, const int &_DayOfWeek=-1, const int &_Hour=0, const int &_Min=0, const int &_Sec=0, const int &_MSec=0)
Definition: tm.h:224
Definition: tm.h:14
TSecTm & AddMins(const int &Mins)
Definition: tm.h:160
static int GetTmUnitSecs(const TTmUnit &TmUnit)
Definition: tm.cpp:85
static TTm GetCurUniTm()
Definition: tm.cpp:1029
Definition: tm.h:359
void Load(TSIn &SIn)
Definition: tm.h:102
bool operator==(const TTm &Tm) const
Definition: tm.h:245
int GetSecHashCd() const
Definition: tm.h:120
static uint64 GetHourMSecs()
Definition: tm.h:62
PXmlTok GetXmlTok() const
Definition: tm.cpp:446
static uint GetDateTimeIntFromTm(const TTm &Tm)
Definition: tm.cpp:1254
int GetTime() const
Definition: tm.h:391
TStr GetDtYmdStr() const
Definition: tm.cpp:502
Definition: tm.h:13
int LastTick
Definition: tm.h:357
TSecTm & SubMins(const int &Mins)
Definition: tm.h:162
static const int JanN
Definition: tm.h:53
bool IsTimeUp() const
Definition: tm.h:445
uint GetInUnits(const TTmUnit &TmUnit) const
Definition: tm.cpp:650
void SaveTxt(TOLx &Lx) const
Definition: tm.cpp:954
bool operator==(const TSecTm &SecTm) const
Definition: tm.h:113
Definition: tm.h:13
int GetTime() const
Definition: tm.h:365
int GetTimers() const
Definition: tm.h:412
static const int OctN
Definition: tm.h:57
TStr GetTmMinStr() const
Definition: tm.cpp:530
static const int JulN
Definition: tm.h:56
static uint GetDateTimeInt(const int &Year=0, const int &Month=0, const int &Day=1, const int &Hour=0, const int &Min=0, const int &Sec=0)
Definition: tm.cpp:1236
bool RunningP
Definition: tm.h:382
static uint64 GetDiffMSecs(const TTm &Tm1, const TTm &Tm2)
Definition: tm.cpp:1107
TSecTm & AddWeeks(const int &Weeks)
Definition: tm.h:172
static TTm GetTmFromDateTimeInt(const uint &DateTimeInt)
Definition: tm.cpp:1260
void StopTimer(const int &TimerId)
Definition: tm.h:420
static TTm GetTmFromWebLogDateTimeStr(const TStr &DateTimeStr, const char DateSepCh='-', const char TimeSepCh=':', const char MSecSepCh='.', const char DateTimeSepCh=' ')
Definition: tm.cpp:1159
Definition: tm.h:233
int MxMSecs
Definition: tm.h:435
TInt Sec
Definition: tm.h:216
bool IsTimeDef() const
Definition: tm.h:272
TStr GetDtTmSortFNmStr() const
Definition: tm.cpp:550
int GetHour() const
Definition: tm.h:281
int GetMonthN() const
Definition: tm.cpp:566
TInt Min
Definition: tm.h:216
static TSecTm GetDtTmFromDmyStr(const TStr &DmyStr)
Definition: tm.cpp:766
TStr GetIdStr() const
Definition: tm.cpp:996
Definition: tm.h:12
Definition: tm.h:12
bool operator<(const TTm &Tm) const
Definition: tm.h:249
static TSecTm GetSecTmFromDateTimeInt(const uint &DateTimeInt)
Definition: tm.cpp:1265
Definition: tm.h:21
Definition: tm.h:13
TTmTimer(const int &_MxMSecs)
Definition: tm.h:440
TSecTm & SubDays(const int &Days)
Definition: tm.h:170
static const int NovN
Definition: tm.h:58
Definition: fl.h:58
void Save(TSOut &SOut) const
Definition: tm.h:103
Definition: tm.h:14
bool operator<(const TSecTm &SecTm) const
Definition: tm.h:115
static const int AprN
Definition: tm.h:54
static TStr GetDayOfWeekNm(const int &DayOfWeekN, const TLoc &Loc=lUs)
Definition: tm.cpp:71
static TSecTm GetDtTmFromMdyStr(const TStr &MdyStr)
Definition: tm.cpp:738
Definition: bd.h:63
static const int ThuN
Definition: tm.h:49
#define ClassTP(TNm, PNm)
Definition: bd.h:126
Definition: tm.h:92
const char * GetTmStr() const
Definition: tm.h:370
static bool InitP
Definition: tm.h:23
TSecTm(TSIn &SIn)
Definition: tm.h:101
void Save(TSOut &SOut) const
Definition: dt.h:1255
int GetYear() const
Definition: tm.h:275
static uint GetYearIntFromTm(const TTm &Tm)
Definition: tm.cpp:1250
TSecTm & operator+=(const uint &Secs)
Definition: tm.h:109
TSecTm & operator=(const TSecTm &SecTm)
Definition: tm.h:105
static bool GetTmSec(const int &YearN, const int &MonthN, const int &DayN, const int &HourN, const int &MinN, const int &SecN, uint &AbsSec)
Definition: tm.cpp:363
void Stop()
Definition: tm.h:388
static TSecTm GetCurDtTm()
Definition: tm.h:190
TInt Hour
Definition: tm.h:216
static TTm GetTmFromIdStr(const TStr &IdStr)
Definition: tm.cpp:1215
TVec< TTm > TTmV
Definition: tm.h:347
TExeTm & operator=(const TExeTm &Tm)
Definition: tm.h:361
int GetTimerId(const TStr &TimerNm) const
Definition: tm.h:410
static const int MayN
Definition: tm.h:55
Definition: tm.h:218
TSecTm & operator-=(const uint &Secs)
Definition: tm.h:111
TInt Month
Definition: tm.h:215
unsigned long long uint64
Definition: bd.h:38
Definition: bd.h:63
int GetDay() const
Definition: tm.h:278
int GetTimerIdFFirst() const
Definition: tm.h:413
Definition: lx.h:129
TSecTm(const uint &_AbsSecs)
Definition: tm.h:93
TSecTm & operator=(const uint &_AbsSecs)
Definition: tm.h:107
TKeyDat< TSecTm, TStr > TSecTmStrKd
Definition: tm.h:208
uint GetAbsSecs() const
Definition: tm.h:150
int GetSecInt()
Definition: tm.h:367
int GetSecN() const
Definition: tm.cpp:608
Definition: lx.h:251
static const int SepN
Definition: tm.h:57
TTm(const TTm &Tm)
Definition: tm.h:221
int GetHourN() const
Definition: tm.cpp:596
bool IsDef() const
Definition: tm.h:265
int GetDayN() const
Definition: tm.cpp:578
Definition: tm.h:433
static uint GetMSecsFromOsStart()
Definition: tm.cpp:1080
void Load(TSIn &SIn)
Definition: dt.h:1254
static TStrV UsDayOfWeekNmV
Definition: tm.h:26
TSecTm GetSecTm() const
Definition: tm.h:295
static time_t MkGmTime(struct tm *t)
Definition: tm.cpp:380
int GetMemUsed() const
Definition: tm.h:117
Definition: tm.h:14
static uint64 GetDiffHrs(const TTm &Tm1, const TTm &Tm2)
Definition: tm.h:323
static uint64 GetPerfTimerTicks()
Definition: tm.cpp:1088
static TTm GetCurLocTm()
Definition: tm.cpp:1060
static uint64 GetDiffSecs(const TTm &Tm1, const TTm &Tm2)
Definition: tm.h:319
void Tick()
Definition: tm.h:364
static const int DecN
Definition: tm.h:58
TStr GetDayOfWeekNm(const TLoc &Loc=lUs) const
Definition: tm.cpp:590
int GetMemUsed() const
Definition: dt.h:1275
TInt Year
Definition: tm.h:215
TTm(const TSecTm &SecTm)
Definition: tm.h:229
Definition: fl.h:128
TVec< TTmStrPr > TTmStrPrV
Definition: tm.h:350
Definition: tm.h:213
void StopTimer(const TStr &TimerNm)
Definition: tm.h:419
TSecTm(const TSecTm &SecTm)
Definition: tm.h:95
void StartTimer(const TStr &TimerNm)
Definition: tm.h:416
TVec< TSecTm > TSecTmV
Definition: tm.h:207
static int Round(const double &Flt)
Definition: dt.h:1432
Definition: dt.h:1137
static uint64 GetWeekMSecs()
Definition: tm.h:64
TTm(TSIn &SIn)
Definition: tm.h:234
TSecTm & AddSecs(const int &Secs)
Definition: tm.h:156
Definition: dt.h:201
TTm & operator=(const TTm &Tm)
Definition: tm.h:241
Definition: dt.h:1242
static TStr GetMonthNm(const int &MonthN, const TLoc &Loc=lUs)
Definition: tm.cpp:50
TUInt AbsSecs
Definition: tm.h:83
static TSecTm GetZeroWeekTm()
Definition: tm.cpp:690
Definition: tm.h:81
static TSecTm GetDtTm(const int &YearN, const int &MonthN, const int &DayN)
Definition: tm.cpp:938
Definition: ds.h:32
static TStrV SiMonthNmV
Definition: tm.h:25
Definition: tm.h:12
static TStr GetTmZoneDiffStr(const TStr &TmZoneStr)
Definition: tm.cpp:131
static TSecTm LoadTxt(TILx &Lx)
Definition: tm.cpp:950
TVec< TSecTmStrKd > TSecTmStrKdV
Definition: tm.h:209
static PTmProfiler New()
Definition: tm.h:407
TStr GetTimerNm(const int &TimerId) const
Definition: tm.h:411
static TStr GetTmUnitStr(const TTmUnit &TmUnit)
Definition: tm.cpp:108
int GetSec() const
Definition: tm.h:283
TStr GetDayOfWeekNm() const
Definition: tm.h:280
TStr GetDtTmSortStr() const
Definition: tm.cpp:540
static uint GetMonthIntFromTm(const TTm &Tm)
Definition: tm.cpp:1246
TStr GetMonthNm(const TLoc &Loc=lUs) const
Definition: tm.cpp:572
Definition: dt.h:412
static TTm GetUniqueCurUniTm()
Definition: tm.cpp:1033
static TTm GetTmFromWebLogTimeStr(const TStr &TimeStr, const char TimeSepCh=':', const char MSecSepCh='.')
Definition: tm.cpp:1125
TStr GetStr(const TLoc &Loc=lUs) const
Definition: tm.cpp:457
static const int FriN
Definition: tm.h:49
static bool IsMonthNm(const TStr &MonthNm, const TLoc &Loc=lUs)
Definition: tm.h:34
static const int WedN
Definition: tm.h:48
Definition: hash.h:97
static int GetMonthN(const TStr &MonthNm, const TLoc &Loc=lUs)
Definition: tm.cpp:39
int TmSoFar
Definition: tm.h:381
TStr GetDtStr(const TLoc &Loc=lUs) const
Definition: tm.cpp:484
static const int AugN
Definition: tm.h:56
void AddDays(const int &Days)
Definition: tm.h:300
double GetSecs() const
Definition: tm.h:366
void ResetTimer(const TStr &TimerNm)
Definition: tm.h:423
TStr GetHMSTColonDotStr(const bool &FullP=false, const bool &MSecP=true) const
Definition: tm.cpp:983
int GetSecInt() const
Definition: tm.h:393
static TSecTm GetCurTm()
Definition: tm.cpp:697
int GetDayOfWeek() const
Definition: tm.h:279
TStr GetTmStr() const
Definition: tm.cpp:520
static TTm GetTmFromMSecs(const uint64 &MSecs)
Definition: tm.cpp:1076
TStr GetWebLogTimeStr() const
Definition: tm.h:291
int GetSecHashCd() const
Definition: dt.h:1278
Definition: bd.h:196
static uint GetDSecs(const TSecTm &SecTm1, const TSecTm &SecTm2)
Definition: tm.cpp:683
uint Val
Definition: dt.h:1244
void AddTime(const int &Hours, const int &Mins=0, const int &Secs=0, const int &MSecs=0)
Definition: tm.cpp:1009
TVec< TStrTmPr > TStrTmPrV
Definition: tm.h:351
Definition: tm.h:12
TStr GetMonthNm() const
Definition: tm.h:277
static TSecTm GetDtTmFromMdyHmsPmStr(const TStr &MdyHmsPmStr, const char &DateSepCh='/', const char &TimeSepCh=':')
Definition: tm.cpp:800
Definition: tm.h:13
TInt DayOfWeek
Definition: tm.h:215
static int GetDayOfWeekN(const TStr &DayOfWeekNm, const TLoc &Loc=lUs)
Definition: tm.cpp:60
int GetPrimHashCd() const
Definition: tm.h:261
static uint64 GetDiffDays(const TTm &Tm1, const TTm &Tm2)
Definition: tm.h:325
TStr GetDayPart() const
Definition: tm.cpp:674
TTmStopWatch StopWatch
Definition: tm.h:436
static const int SunN
Definition: tm.h:47
static uint64 GetPerfTimerFq()
Definition: tm.cpp:1084
const char * GetStr() const
Definition: tm.h:368
TSecTm & SubHours(const int &Hours)
Definition: tm.h:166
char * CStr()
Definition: dt.h:479
Definition: tm.h:11
void ResetTimer(const int &TimerId)
Definition: tm.h:424
int GetPrimHashCd() const
Definition: dt.h:1277
TStr GetYmdTmStr() const
Definition: tm.cpp:508
TSecTm & SubWeeks(const int &Weeks)
Definition: tm.h:174
TPair< TStr, TTm > TStrTmPr
Definition: tm.h:349
static const int MonN
Definition: tm.h:47
TStr GetStr(const bool &MSecP=true) const
Definition: tm.cpp:961
TSecTm & AddHours(const int &Hours)
Definition: tm.h:164
int GetSecHashCd() const
Definition: tm.h:262
double GetSec() const
Definition: tm.h:392
static uint64 GetMSecsFromTm(const TTm &Tm)
Definition: tm.cpp:1072
void SubTime(const int &Hours, const int &Mins=0, const int &Secs=0, const int &MSecs=0)
Definition: tm.cpp:1019
void Undef()
Definition: tm.h:268
static TStr GetHmFromMins(const int &Mins)
Definition: tm.cpp:81
static const int FebN
Definition: tm.h:53
void Undef()
Definition: tm.h:124
static const int MarN
Definition: tm.h:54
static const int TueN
Definition: tm.h:48
TStr GetDtMdyStr() const
Definition: tm.cpp:496
int GetPrimHashCd() const
Definition: tm.h:119
static const int JunN
Definition: tm.h:55
static uint64 GetMinMSecs()
Definition: tm.h:61
static int LastJulianDateN
Definition: tm.h:72
static TTm GetLocTmFromUniTm(const TTm &Tm)
Definition: tm.cpp:1117
Vector is a sequence TVal objects representing an array that can change in size.
Definition: ds.h:430
Definition: tm.h:14
TSecTm Round(const TTmUnit &TmUnit) const
Definition: tm.cpp:625
Definition: tm.h:13
static bool GetTmStruct(const uint &AbsSec, struct tm &Tm)
Definition: tm.cpp:416
static const int SatN
Definition: tm.h:50
static TSecTm GetZeroTm()
Definition: tm.h:187
void Reset(const bool &Start)
Definition: tm.h:389
void StartTimer(const int &TimerId)
Definition: tm.h:417