Open positions
We are inviting applications for postdoctoral positions in Network Analytics and Machine Learning. We have no open positions for undergraduate and graduate research assistants at this time, but any applications submitted will be considered for potential openings in the future.



Prof. Jure Leskovec

PhD Students

Kaidi Cao Serina Yongchen Chang
Jared Quincy Davis Weihua Hu
Hamed Nilforoshan Alexandra Porter
Hongyu Ren Yusuf Roohani
Camilo Ruiz Michihiro Yasunaga
Kexin Huang Jordan Troutman
Sang T. Truong


Maria Brbic Tailin Wu

Research Staff

Rok Sosic


Rajas Bansal Federico Reyes Gomez
Paridhi Maheshwari Sharmila Reddy Nangi
Pranay Reddy Samala Damir Vrabac
Qinchen Wang Daniel Zeng

Visiting Scholar

Jing Huang Yoshitaka Inoue
Takashi Maruyama Yanan Wang


Tim Althoff
Assistant Professor, University of Washington
Ashton Anderson
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Stephen Bach
Assistant Professor, Brown University
Austin Benson
Assistant Professor, Cornell University
Antoine Bosselut
Assistant Professor, EPFL
Christie Brandt
Research Scientist, Google
Michele Catasta
AI Research Scientist at X, the moonshot factory
Justin Cheng
Research Scientist, Facebook
Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil
Assistant Professor, Cornell University
Claire Donnat
Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
David Hallac
Founder and CEO, Viaduct
William L. Hamilton
Assistant Professor, McGill University
David Jurgens
Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
Minkyoung Kim
Adjunct Research Fellow, CSIRO, Australia
Myunghwan Kim
Research Scientist, LinkedIn
Michal Kosinski
Assistant Professor, Stanford University
Srijan Kumar
Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
Himabindu Lakkaraju
Assistant Professor, Harvard University
Shantao Li
Pan Li
Assistant Professor, Purdue University
Bowen Liu
Caroline Lo
Research Scientist, Facebook
Julian McAuley
Assistant Professor, University of California, San Diego
Baharan Mirzasoleiman
Assistant Professor, UCLA
Seth Myers
Research Scientist, Spiderbook
Yonathan Perez
Research Scientist, Oscar Insurance
Emma Pierson
Assistant Professor, Cornell University
Dafna Shahaf
Assistant Professor, Hebrew University
Robert West
Assistant Professor, EPFL
Jaewon Yang
Research Scientist, LinkedIn
Rex Ying Jiaxuan You
Marinka Žitnik
Assistant Professor, Harvard University