Open positions
We are inviting applications for postdoctoral positions in Foundation Models for Biomedicine. We have no open positions for undergraduate and graduate research assistants at this time, but any applications submitted will be considered for potential openings in the future.


About SNAP

The SNAP library is being actively developed since 2004 and is organically growing as a result of our research pursuits in analysis of large social and information networks. Largest network we analyzed so far using the library was the Microsoft Instant Messenger network from 2006 with 240 million nodes and 1.3 billion edges.

The datasets available on the website were mostly collected (scraped) for the purposes of our research.

The website was launched in July 2009.

Contact info

Please use the contact page to send us comments, questions, bug reports, broken links and inquires about hosting your datasets on our website.

Our lab

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Funding and support

There are several organizations which fund our work:

National Science Foundation Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity
MURI ARO Volkswagen Boeing

Stanford Data Science Initiative

We thank organizations for contributing datasets:

azumio disqus donorschoose/