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K-Spectral Centroid: Cluster Time Series by Shape

Codes information

The K-Spectral Centroid algorithm clusters time series by their shape, and finds the most representative shape (the cluster centroid) for each cluster. We provide the simple version of the K-SC code for Matlab. For brevity, this version does not include the Haar-Wavelet based incremental implemention discussed in the paper.

Function description
test_ksc.m Script that tests K-SC
ksc_toy.m K-SC Matlab implementation code

Source (citation)


File Description
ksc_toy.zipK-SC Matlab Version


[mem cent] = ksc_toy(A,K)



Unpack the ksc code file in the directory with the data files, and run the following.

test_ksc(1) %demo for Memetracker phrases test_ksc(2) %demo for Twitter Hashtags