SNAP Library 6.0, Developer Reference  2020-12-09 16:24:20
SNAP, a general purpose, high performance system for analysis and manipulation of large networks
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1 // Unicode-Definition
3 class TUnicodeDef{
4 private:
6 private:
9 public:
10  TUnicodeDef(): Unicode(NULL){}
11  ~TUnicodeDef(){if (Unicode!=NULL){delete Unicode;} Unicode=NULL;}
13  // files
14  static TStr GetDfFNm();
15  static void Load(){
16  Load(GetDfFNm());}
17  static void Load(const TStr& FNm){
18  UnicodeDef.Unicode=new TUnicode(FNm);}
20  // status
21  static bool IsDef(){
22  return UnicodeDef.Unicode!=NULL;}
23  static TUnicode* GetDef(){
24  Assert(UnicodeDef.Unicode!=NULL); return UnicodeDef.Unicode;}
25 };
28 // Unicode-String
29 class TUStr;
30 typedef TVec<TUStr> TUStrV;
32 class TUStr{
33 private:
35  static void AssertUnicodeDefOk(){
36  EAssertR(TUnicodeDef::IsDef(), "Unicode-Definition-File not loaded!");}
37 public:
38  TUStr(): UniChV(){AssertUnicodeDefOk();}
39  TUStr(const TUStr& UStr): UniChV(UStr.UniChV){AssertUnicodeDefOk();}
40  TUStr(const TIntV& _UniChV): UniChV(_UniChV){AssertUnicodeDefOk();}
41  TUStr(const TStr& Str);
42  ~TUStr(){}
43  TUStr(TSIn& SIn): UniChV(SIn){AssertUnicodeDefOk();}
44  void Save(TSOut& SOut) const {UniChV.Save(SOut);}
45  void LoadXml(const PXmlTok& XmlTok, const TStr& Nm);
46  void SaveXml(TSOut& SOut, const TStr& Nm) const;
48  TUStr& operator=(const TUStr& UStr){
49  if (this!=&UStr){UniChV=UStr.UniChV;} return *this;}
50  bool operator==(const TUStr& UStr) const {return UniChV==UStr.UniChV;}
52  TUStr& operator+=(const TUStr& UStr){UniChV.AddV(UStr.UniChV); return *this;}
53  int operator[](const int& UniChN) const {return UniChV[UniChN];}
55  // basic operations
56  void Clr(){UniChV.Clr();}
57  int Len() const {return UniChV.Len();}
58  bool Empty() const {return UniChV.Empty();}
60  // transformations
61  void ToLowerCase();
62  void ToUpperCase();
63  void ToStarterCase();
65  // word boundaries
66  void GetWordBoundPV(TBoolV& WordBoundPV);
67  void GetWordUStrV(TUStrV& UStrV);
69  // conversions to string
70  TStr GetStr() const;
71  TStr GetStarterStr() const;
74  // scripts
75  static int GetScriptId(const TStr& ScriptNm);
76  static TStr GetScriptNm(const int& ScriptId);
77  static int GetChScriptId(const int& UniCh);
78  static TStr GetChScriptNm(const int& UniCh);
80  // characters
81  static TStr GetChNm(const int& UniCh);
82  static TStr GetChTypeStr(const int& UniCh);
83  static bool IsCase(const int& UniCh);
84  static bool IsUpperCase(const int& UniCh);
85  static bool IsLowerCase(const int& UniCh);
86  static bool IsAlphabetic(const int& UniCh);
87  static bool IsMath(const int& UniCh);
89  // converstions to/from UTF8
90  static TStr EncodeUtf8(const int& UniCh);
91 };
TUnicode * Unicode
Definition: unicodestring.h:7
static bool IsAlphabetic(const int &UniCh)
void ToStarterCase()
static void Load()
Definition: unicodestring.h:15
static TUnicodeDef UnicodeDef
Definition: unicodestring.h:5
TUStr & operator=(const TUStr &UStr)
Definition: unicodestring.h:48
static TStr GetChNm(const int &UniCh)
TSizeTy Len() const
Returns the number of elements in the vector.
Definition: ds.h:575
void ToUpperCase()
static TUnicode * GetDef()
Definition: unicodestring.h:23
TStr GetStarterLowerCaseStr() const
static TStr GetChScriptNm(const int &UniCh)
static TStr GetDfFNm()
bool Empty() const
Definition: unicodestring.h:58
static TStr GetChTypeStr(const int &UniCh)
Definition: fl.h:58
void Save(TSOut &SOut) const
Definition: ds.h:954
bool Empty() const
Tests whether the vector is empty.
Definition: ds.h:570
TUStr & operator+=(const TUStr &UStr)
Definition: unicodestring.h:52
TUStr(const TIntV &_UniChV)
Definition: unicodestring.h:40
void LoadXml(const PXmlTok &XmlTok, const TStr &Nm)
static bool IsLowerCase(const int &UniCh)
void Clr(const bool &DoDel=true, const TSizeTy &NoDelLim=-1)
Clears the contents of the vector.
Definition: ds.h:1022
int operator[](const int &UniChN) const
Definition: unicodestring.h:53
void Save(TSOut &SOut) const
Definition: unicodestring.h:44
static bool IsMath(const int &UniCh)
#define Assert(Cond)
Definition: bd.h:251
static int GetChScriptId(const int &UniCh)
static bool IsUpperCase(const int &UniCh)
void Clr()
Definition: unicodestring.h:56
Definition: fl.h:128
TUStr(const TUStr &UStr)
Definition: unicodestring.h:39
static int GetScriptId(const TStr &ScriptNm)
TVec< TUStr > TUStrV
Definition: unicodestring.h:29
void GetWordUStrV(TUStrV &UStrV)
void GetWordBoundPV(TBoolV &WordBoundPV)
Definition: dt.h:412
static bool IsDef()
Definition: unicodestring.h:21
TIntV UniChV
Definition: unicodestring.h:34
#define EAssertR(Cond, MsgStr)
Definition: bd.h:283
TUStr(TSIn &SIn)
Definition: unicodestring.h:43
static TStr GetScriptNm(const int &ScriptId)
Definition: bd.h:196
void SaveXml(TSOut &SOut, const TStr &Nm) const
void ToLowerCase()
static void Load(const TStr &FNm)
Definition: unicodestring.h:17
TStr GetStarterStr() const
static TStr EncodeUtf8(const int &UniCh)
static void AssertUnicodeDefOk()
Definition: unicodestring.h:35
int Len() const
Definition: unicodestring.h:57
bool operator==(const TUStr &UStr) const
Definition: unicodestring.h:50
Vector is a sequence TVal objects representing an array that can change in size.
Definition: ds.h:430
TStr GetStr() const
TSizeTy AddV(const TVec< TVal, TSizeTy > &ValV)
Adds the elements of the vector ValV to the to end of the vector.
Definition: ds.h:1110
static bool IsCase(const int &UniCh)