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email-Eu-core network

Dataset information

The network was generated using email data from a large European research institution. We have anonymized information about all incoming and outgoing email between members of the research institution. There is an edge (u, v) in the network if person u sent person v at least one email. The e-mails only represent communication between institution members (the core), and the dataset does not contain incoming messages from or outgoing messages to the rest of the world.

The dataset also contains "ground-truth" community memberships of the nodes. Each individual belongs to exactly one of 42 departments at the research institute.

This network represents the "core" of the email-EuAll network, which also contains links between members of the institution and people outside of the institution (although the node IDs are not the same).

Dataset statistics
Nodes 1005
Edges 25571
Nodes in largest WCC 986 (0.981)
Edges in largest WCC 25552 (0.999)
Nodes in largest SCC 803 (0.799)
Edges in largest SCC 24729 (0.967)
Average clustering coefficient 0.3994
Number of triangles 105461
Fraction of closed triangles 0.1085
Diameter (longest shortest path) 7
90-percentile effective diameter 2.9

Source (citation)


File Description
email-Eu-core.txt.gz Email communication links between members of the institution
email-Eu-core-department-labels.txt.gz Department membership labels

Data format for community membership