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EU email communication network

Dataset information

The network was generated using email data from a large European research institution. For a period from October 2003 to May 2005 (18 months) we have anonymized information about all incoming and outgoing email of the research institution. For each sent or received email message we know the time, the sender and the recipient of the email. Overall we have 3,038,531 emails between 287,755 different email addresses. Note that we have a complete email graph for only 1,258 email addresses that come from the research institution. Furthermore, there are 34,203 email addresses that both sent and received email within the span of our dataset. All other email addresses are either non-existing, mistyped or spam.

Given a set of email messages, each node corresponds to an email address. We create a directed edge between nodes i and j, if i sent at least one message to j.

Dataset statistics
Nodes 265214
Edges 420045
Nodes in largest WCC 224832 (0.848)
Edges in largest WCC 395270 (0.941)
Nodes in largest SCC 34203 (0.129)
Edges in largest SCC 151930 (0.362)
Average clustering coefficient 0.0671
Number of triangles 267313
Fraction of closed triangles 0.001373
Diameter (longest shortest path) 14
90-percentile effective diameter 4.5

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File Description
email-EuAll.txt.gz Email network of a large European Research Institution