Higher-order organization of complex networks


All of the data used in the main text and supplementary material of our paper is publicly available and downloadable from the SNAP collection.

Datasets used for analysis:

Name Type Nodes Edges Description Metadata
C-elegans-frontal Directed 131 764 Frontal neuronal connections in C. elegans Spatial coordinates of neurons
reachability Directed 456 71,959 City reachability through air travel City metropolitan populations, latitude and longitude
Florida-bay Directed 128 2,106 Florida Bay food web Species group classifications
S-cerevisiae Directed, Signed 690 1,094 Transcriptional regulation in the yeast S. cerevisiae Functional units of coherent feedforward loops
enwiki-2013 Directed 4,203,323 101,311,614 Hyperlinks in English Wikipedia Web page names
twitter-2010 Directed 41,652,230 1,468,364,884 Twitter followers from 2010 snapshot Twitter ids
web-Stanford Directed 281,903 2,312,497 Web graph of Stanford.edu N/A
ca-HepTh Undirected 9,877 25,998 Collaboration network of Arxiv High Energy Physics Theory N/A
ca-CondMat Undirected 23,133 93,497 Collaboration network of Arxiv Condensed Matter N/A

Datasets used for scalability experiments:
Name Type Nodes Edges Description
wiki-RfA Directed 10,835 159,388 Wikipedia Requests for Adminship
email-EuAll Directed 265,214 420,045 Email network from a EU research institution
cit-HepPh Directed 34,546 421,578 Arxiv High Energy Physics paper citation network
soc-Slashdot0811 Directed 77,360 905,468 Slashdot social network from November 2008
web-NotreDame Directed 325,729 1,497,134 Web graph of Notre Dame
amazon0601 Directed 403,394 3,387,388 Amazon product co-purchasing network from June 1 2003
wiki-Talk Directed 2,394,385 5,021,410 Wikipedia talk (communication) network
ego-Gplus Directed 107,614 13,673,453 Social circles from Google+
uk-2014-tpd Directed 1,766,010 16,861,750 Top private domain links on .uk web
soc-Pokec Directed 1,632,803 30,622,564 Pokec online social network
uk-2014-host Directed 4,769,354 46,769,679 Host links on .uk web
soc-LiveJournal1 Directed 4,847,571 68,993,773 LiveJournal online social network
enwiki-2013 Directed 4,203,323 101,311,614 Hyperlinks on English Wikipedia
uk-2002 Directed 18,484,117 292,243,663 Hyperlinks on .uk web
arabic-2005 Directed 22,743,881 631,153,669 Hyperlinks on arabic-language web pages
twitter-2010 Directed 41,652,230 1,468,364,884 Twitter followers from 2010 snapshot
sk-2005 Directed 50,636,073 1,930,292,948 Hyperlinks on .sk web
ego-Facebook Undirected 4,039 88,234 Social circles from Facebook (anonymized)
ca-AstroPh Undirected 18,772 198,110 Collaboration network of Arxiv Astro Physics
com-DBLP Undirected 317,080 1,049,866 DBLP collaboration network
com-Youtube Undirected 1,134,890 2,987,624 Youtube online social network