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Autonomous systems AS-733

Dataset information

The graph of routers comprising the Internet can be organized into sub-graphs called Autonomous Systems (AS). Each AS exchanges traffic flows with some neighbors (peers). We can construct a communication network of who-talks-to- whom from the BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) logs.

The data was collected from University of Oregon Route Views Project - Online data and reports. The dataset contains 733 daily instances which span an interval of 785 days from November 8 1997 to January 2 2000. In contrast to citation networks, where nodes and edges only get added (not deleted) over time, the AS dataset also exhibits both the addition and deletion of the nodes and edges over time.

Dataset statistics are calculated for the graph with the highest number of nodes and edges (dataset from January 02 2000):

Dataset statistics
Nodes 6474
Edges 13895
Nodes in largest WCC 6474 (1.000)
Edges in largest WCC 13895 (1.000)
Nodes in largest SCC 6474 (1.000)
Edges in largest SCC 13895 (1.000)
Average clustering coefficient 0.2522
Number of triangles 6584
Fraction of closed triangles 0.003218
Diameter (longest shortest path) 9
90-percentile effective diameter 4.6

Other dataset statistics can be found here.

Source (citation)


File Description
as20000102.txt.gz Autonomous Systems graph from January 02 2000
as-733.tar.gz 733 Autonomous Systems graphs from November 8 1997 to January 02 2000