(Social and Information) Network Analysis
Autumn 2009

Course outline

Problem Sets

11/13: Competition

10/01: Problem Set 1

10/01: Problem Set 2


9/22: Introduction

9/24: Six degrees of separation

9/29: Models of the small world, Decentralized search

10/01: Small world phenomena, Search in P2P networks, Strength of weak ties

10/06: Graph structure of the web

10/08: Power-laws and Preferential attachment

10/13: Models of network evolution (1)

10/15: Models of network evolution (2)

10/20: Cascading behavior in networks

10/22: Models of network cascades

10/27: Cascades in viral marketing and the blogosphere

10/29: Influence maximization in networks

11/3: Detecting cascades in networks

11/5: Guest lecture by Lars Backstrom

11/10: Finding communities and clusters in networks

11/12: Spectral clustering and large scale community structure in networks

11/17: Modularity and large scale community structure in networks

11/19: Kronecker graphs

12/01: Link analysis for Web search

12/03: Networks with positive and negative edges

Chapters are from the new book Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning About a Highly Connected World by David Easley and Jon Kleinberg.

Dates for assignments

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