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Disease-drug association network

Dataset information

This is a disease-drug association network that contains information on drug-disease relationships. Nodes represent diseases and drugs (also including certain chemicals that are not human drugs), and edges represent associations between them. Examples of associations include interactions between arsenic and different diseases, including prostatic neoplasms, skin diseases, and myocardial ischemia. Disease-drug associations are useful to understand mechanisms by which drugs treat diseases and to develop hypotheses about mechanisms underlying environmental diseases.

Dataset statistics
Nodes 7197
Disease nodes 5535
Chemical nodes 1662
Edges 466656
Nodes in largest SCC 7197
Fraction of nodes in largest SCC 1.000000
Edges in largest SCC 466656
Fraction of edges in largest SCC 1.000000
Diameter (longest shortest path) 5
90-percentile effective diameter 3.505535

The information is extracted from a database of curated and inferred chemical-disease asssociations. Curated chemical-disease associations are extracted from published literature by biocurators. Inferred associations are established via curated chemical-gene interactions (e.g., chemical A is associated with disease B because chemical A has a curated interaction with gene C, and gene C has a curated association with disease B).



File Size Description
DCh-Miner_miner-disease-chemical.tsv.gz 44MB Disease-drug association network (edgelist)