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TStdErrNotify Class Reference

#include <ut.h>

Inherits TNotify.

Public Member Functions

 TStdErrNotify ()
void OnNotify (const TNotifyType &Type, const TStr &MsgStr)
void OnStatus (const TStr &MsgStr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TNotify
 TNotify ()
virtual ~TNotify ()
virtual void OnLn (const TStr &)
virtual void OnTxt (const TStr &)
void OnNotifyFmt (const TNotifyType &Type, const char *FmtStr,...)
void OnStatusFmt (const char *FmtStr,...)
void OnLnFmt (const char *FmtStr,...)
void OnTxtFmt (const char *FmtStr,...)

Static Public Member Functions

static PNotify New ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TNotify
static TStr GetTypeStr (const TNotifyType &Type, const bool &Brief=true)
static void OnNotify (const PNotify &Notify, const TNotifyType &Type, const TStr &MsgStr)
static void OnStatus (const PNotify &Notify, const TStr &MsgStr)
static void OnLn (const PNotify &Notify, const TStr &MsgStr)
static void OnTxt (const PNotify &Notify, const TStr &MsgStr)
static void DfOnNotify (const TNotifyType &Type, const TStr &MsgStr)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from TNotify
static const PNotify NullNotify =TNullNotify::New()
static const PNotify StdNotify =TStdNotify::New()
static const PNotify StdErrNotify =TStdErrNotify::New()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 137 of file ut.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TStdErrNotify::TStdErrNotify ( )

Definition at line 139 of file ut.h.

139 {}

Member Function Documentation

static PNotify TStdErrNotify::New ( )

Definition at line 140 of file ut.h.

140 {return PNotify(new TStdErrNotify());}
TPt< TNotify > PNotify
Definition: ut.h:30
Definition: ut.h:139
void TStdErrNotify::OnNotify ( const TNotifyType Type,
const TStr MsgStr 

Reimplemented from TNotify.

Definition at line 88 of file ut.cpp.

88  {
89  if (Type==ntInfo){
90  fprintf(stderr, "%s\n", MsgStr.CStr());
91  } else {
92  TStr TypeStr=TNotify::GetTypeStr(Type, false);
93  fprintf(stderr, "%s: %s\n", TypeStr.CStr(), MsgStr.CStr());
94  }
95 }
static TStr GetTypeStr(const TNotifyType &Type, const bool &Brief=true)
Definition: ut.cpp:39
Definition: dt.h:412
Definition: ut.h:28
char * CStr()
Definition: dt.h:476
void TStdErrNotify::OnStatus ( const TStr MsgStr)

Reimplemented from TNotify.

Definition at line 97 of file ut.cpp.

97  {
98  fprintf(stderr, "%s", MsgStr.CStr());
99  // print '\n' if message not overlayed
100  if ((!MsgStr.Empty())&&(MsgStr.LastCh()!='\r')){
101  fprintf(stderr, "\n");}
102 }
char LastCh() const
Definition: dt.h:484
bool Empty() const
Definition: dt.h:488
char * CStr()
Definition: dt.h:476

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