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TMemOut Class Reference

#include <dt.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TMemOut (const PMem &_Mem)
 ~TMemOut ()
int PutCh (const char &Ch)
int PutBf (const void *LBf, const TSize &LBfL)
void Flush ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TSOut
 TSOut ()
 TSOut (const TStr &Str)
virtual ~TSOut ()
void EnableLnTrunc (const int &_MxLnLen)
void DisableLnTrunc ()
virtual TFileId GetFileId () const
int PutMem (const TMem &Mem)
int PutCh (const char &Ch, const int &Chs)
int PutBool (const bool &Bool)
int PutInt (const int &Int)
int PutInt (const int &Int, const char *FmtStr)
int PutUInt (const uint &Int)
int PutUInt (const uint &Int, const char *FmtStr)
int PutFlt (const double &Flt)
int PutFlt (const double &Flt, const char *FmtStr)
int PutStr (const char *CStr)
int PutStr (const TChA &ChA)
int PutStr (const TStr &Str, const char *FmtStr)
int PutStr (const TStr &Str, const bool &ForceInLn=false)
int PutStrLn (const TStr &Str, const bool &ForceInLn=false)
int PutStrFmt (const char *FmtStr,...)
int PutStrFmtLn (const char *FmtStr,...)
int PutIndent (const int &IndentLev=1)
int PutLn (const int &Lns=1)
int PutDosLn (const int &Lns=1)
int PutSep (const int &NextStrLen=0)
int PutSepLn (const int &Lns=0)
void SaveCs ()
void SaveBf (const void *Bf, const TSize &BfL)
void Save (const bool &Bool)
void Save (const char &Ch)
void Save (const uchar &UCh)
void Save (const short &Short)
void Save (const ushort &UShort)
void Save (const int &Int)
void Save (const uint &UInt)
void Save (const int64 &Int)
void Save (const uint64 &UInt)
void Save (const double &Flt)
void Save (const sdouble &SFlt)
void Save (const ldouble &LFlt)
void Save (const char *CStr, const TSize &CStrLen)
void Save (const char *CStr)
void Save (TSIn &SIn, const TSize &BfL=-1)
void Save (const PSIn &SIn, const TSize &BfL=-1)
void Save (const void *Bf, const TSize &BfL)
TSOutoperator<< (const bool &Bool)
TSOutoperator<< (const uchar &UCh)
TSOutoperator<< (const char &Ch)
TSOutoperator<< (const short &Sh)
TSOutoperator<< (const ushort &USh)
TSOutoperator<< (const int &Int)
TSOutoperator<< (const uint &Int)
TSOutoperator<< (const int64 &Int)
TSOutoperator<< (const uint64 &UInt)
TSOutoperator<< (const float &Flt)
TSOutoperator<< (const double &Double)
TSOutoperator<< (const long double &LDouble)
TSOutoperator<< (const TSOutMnp &Mnp)
TSOutoperator<< (TSOut &(*FuncPt)(TSOut &))
TSOutoperator<< (TSIn &SIn)
TSOutoperator<< (PSIn &SIn)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TSBase
 TSBase (const TSStr &Nm)
virtual ~TSBase ()
virtual TStr GetSNm () const

Static Public Member Functions

static PSOut New (const PMem &Mem)

Private Member Functions

void FlushBf ()

Private Attributes

PMem Mem

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from TSOut
static const TPt< TSOutStdOut =PSOut(new TStdOut())
- Protected Attributes inherited from TSBase
TCRef CRef
TCs Cs

Detailed Description

Definition at line 182 of file dt.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TMemOut::TMemOut ( const PMem _Mem)

Definition at line 334 of file dt.cpp.

Referenced by New().

334 : TSBase("Output-Memory"), TSOut("Output-Memory"), Mem(_Mem){}
TSBase(const TSStr &Nm)
Definition: fl.h:50
PMem Mem
Definition: dt.h:184
Definition: fl.h:136

Here is the caller graph for this function:

TMemOut::~TMemOut ( )

Definition at line 191 of file dt.h.

191 {}

Member Function Documentation

void TMemOut::Flush ( )

Implements TSOut.

Definition at line 196 of file dt.h.

196 {}
void TMemOut::FlushBf ( )
static PSOut TMemOut::New ( const PMem Mem)

Definition at line 189 of file dt.h.

References TMemOut().

189  {
190  return new TMemOut(Mem);}
TMemOut(const PMem &_Mem)
Definition: dt.cpp:334

Here is the call graph for this function:

int TMemOut::PutBf ( const void *  LBf,
const TSize LBfL 

Implements TSOut.

Definition at line 336 of file dt.cpp.

References Mem.

336  {
337  int LBfS=0;
338  TMem& _Mem=*Mem;
339  for (TSize LBfC=0; LBfC<LBfL; LBfC++){
340  char Ch=((char*)LBf)[LBfC];
341  LBfS+=Ch; _Mem+=Ch;
342  }
343  return LBfS;
344 }
PMem Mem
Definition: dt.h:184
Definition: dt.h:77
size_t TSize
Definition: bd.h:58
int TMemOut::PutCh ( const char &  Ch)

Implements TSOut.

Definition at line 193 of file dt.h.

193  {
194  Mem->operator+=(Ch); return Ch;}
PMem Mem
Definition: dt.h:184

Member Data Documentation

PMem TMemOut::Mem

Definition at line 184 of file dt.h.

Referenced by PutBf().

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