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TTypeNm< Type > Class Template Reference

#include <ut.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TTypeNm ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TStr
 TStr ()
 TStr (const TStr &Str)
 TStr (const TChA &ChA)
 TStr (const TSStr &SStr)
 TStr (const char *CStr)
 TStr (const char &Ch)
 TStr (const TMem &Mem)
 TStr (const PSIn &SIn)
 ~TStr ()
 TStr (TSIn &SIn, const bool &IsSmall=false)
void Load (TSIn &SIn, const bool &IsSmall=false)
void Save (TSOut &SOut, const bool &IsSmall=false) const
void LoadXml (const PXmlTok &XmlTok, const TStr &Nm)
void SaveXml (TSOut &SOut, const TStr &Nm) const
TStroperator= (const TStr &Str)
TStroperator= (const TChA &ChA)
TStroperator= (const char *CStr)
TStroperator= (const char &Ch)
TStroperator+= (const TStr &Str)
TStroperator+= (const char *CStr)
TStroperator/ (const int &N)
bool operator== (const TStr &Str) const
bool operator== (const char *CStr) const
bool operator!= (const char *CStr) const
bool operator< (const TStr &Str) const
char operator[] (const int &ChN) const
int GetMemUsed () const
char * operator() ()
const char * operator() () const
char * CStr ()
const char * CStr () const
void PutCh (const int &ChN, const char &Ch)
char GetCh (const int &ChN) const
char LastCh () const
void Clr ()
int Len () const
bool Empty () const
bool IsUc () const
TStrToUc ()
TStr GetUc () const
int CmpI (const TStr &Str) const
bool EqI (const TStr &Str) const
bool IsLc () const
TStrToLc ()
TStr GetLc () const
TStrToCap ()
TStr GetCap () const
TStrToTrunc ()
TStr GetTrunc () const
TStrConvUsFromYuAscii ()
TStr GetUsFromYuAscii () const
TStrToHex ()
TStr GetHex () const
TStrFromHex ()
TStr GetFromHex () const
TStr GetSubStr (const int &BChN, const int &EChN) const
TStr GetSubStr (const int &BChN) const
void InsStr (const int &BChN, const TStr &Str)
void DelChAll (const char &Ch)
void DelSubStr (const int &BChN, const int &EChN)
bool DelStr (const TStr &Str)
TStr LeftOf (const char &SplitCh) const
TStr LeftOfLast (const char &SplitCh) const
TStr RightOf (const char &SplitCh) const
TStr RightOfLast (const char &SplitCh) const
void SplitOnCh (TStr &LStr, const char &SplitCh, TStr &RStr) const
void SplitOnLastCh (TStr &LStr, const char &SplitCh, TStr &RStr) const
void SplitOnAllCh (const char &SplitCh, TStrV &StrV, const bool &SkipEmpty=true) const
void SplitOnAllAnyCh (const TStr &SplitChStr, TStrV &StrV, const bool &SkipEmpty=true) const
void SplitOnWs (TStrV &StrV) const
void SplitOnNonAlNum (TStrV &StrV) const
void SplitOnStr (const TStr &SplitStr, TStrV &StrV) const
void SplitOnStr (TStr &LeftStr, const TStr &MidStr, TStr &RightStr) const
TStr Mid (const int &BChN, const int &Chs) const
TStr Mid (const int &BChN) const
TStr Left (const int &EChN) const
TStr Right (const int &BChN) const
TStr Slice (int BChN, int EChNP1) const
TStr operator() (const int &BChN, const int &EChNP1) const
int CountCh (const char &Ch, const int &BChN=0) const
int SearchCh (const char &Ch, const int &BChN=0) const
int SearchChBack (const char &Ch, int BChN=-1) const
int SearchStr (const TStr &Str, const int &BChN=0) const
bool IsChIn (const char &Ch) const
bool IsStrIn (const TStr &Str) const
bool IsPrefix (const char *Str) const
bool IsPrefix (const TStr &Str) const
bool IsSuffix (const char *Str) const
bool IsSuffix (const TStr &Str) const
int ChangeCh (const char &SrcCh, const char &DstCh, const int &BChN=0)
int ChangeChAll (const char &SrcCh, const char &DstCh)
int ChangeStr (const TStr &SrcStr, const TStr &DstStr, const int &BChN=0)
int ChangeStrAll (const TStr &SrcStr, const TStr &DstStr, const bool &FromStartP=false)
TStr Reverse () const
int GetPrimHashCd () const
int GetSecHashCd () const
bool IsBool (bool &Val) const
bool IsInt (const bool &Check, const int &MnVal, const int &MxVal, int &Val) const
bool IsInt (int &Val) const
bool IsInt () const
int GetInt () const
int GetInt (const int &DfVal) const
bool IsUInt (const bool &Check, const uint &MnVal, const uint &MxVal, uint &Val) const
bool IsUInt (uint &Val) const
bool IsUInt () const
uint GetUInt () const
uint GetUInt (const uint &DfVal) const
bool IsInt64 (const bool &Check, const int64 &MnVal, const int64 &MxVal, int64 &Val) const
bool IsInt64 (int64 &Val) const
bool IsInt64 () const
int64 GetInt64 () const
int64 GetInt64 (const int64 &DfVal) const
bool IsUInt64 (const bool &Check, const uint64 &MnVal, const uint64 &MxVal, uint64 &Val) const
bool IsUInt64 (uint64 &Val) const
bool IsUInt64 () const
uint64 GetUInt64 () const
uint64 GetUInt64 (const uint64 &DfVal) const
bool IsHexInt (const bool &Check, const int &MnVal, const int &MxVal, int &Val) const
bool IsHexInt (int &Val) const
bool IsHexInt () const
int GetHexInt () const
int GetHexInt (const int &DfVal) const
bool IsHexInt64 (const bool &Check, const int64 &MnVal, const int64 &MxVal, int64 &Val) const
bool IsHexInt64 (int64 &Val) const
bool IsHexInt64 () const
int64 GetHexInt64 () const
int64 GetHexInt64 (const int64 &DfVal) const
bool IsFlt (const bool &Check, const double &MnVal, const double &MxVal, double &Val, const char &DecDelimCh='.') const
bool IsFlt (double &Val) const
bool IsFlt () const
double GetFlt () const
double GetFlt (const double &DfVal) const
bool IsWord (const bool &WsPrefixP=true, const bool &FirstUcAllowedP=true) const
bool IsWs () const
bool IsWcMatch (const int &StrBChN, const TStr &WcStr, const int &WcStrBChN, TStrV &StarStrV, const char &StarCh='*', const char &QuestCh='?') const
bool IsWcMatch (const TStr &WcStr, TStrV &StarStrV, const char &StarCh='*', const char &QuestCh='?') const
bool IsWcMatch (const TStr &WcStr, const char &StarCh, const char &QuestCh) const
bool IsWcMatch (const TStr &WcStr, const int &StarStrN, TStr &StarStr) const
bool IsWcMatch (const TStr &WcStr) const
TStr GetWcMatch (const TStr &WcStr, const int &StarStrN=0) const
TStr GetFPath () const
TStr GetFBase () const
TStr GetFMid () const
TStr GetFExt () const
void SaveTxt (const PSOut &SOut) const
void SaveTxt (const TStr &FNm) const
TStr GetStr () const
char * GetCStr () const

Static Public Member Functions

static TStr GetNrTypeNm (const TStr &TypeNm)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TStr
static TStr GetNrFPath (const TStr &FPath)
static TStr GetNrFMid (const TStr &FMid)
static TStr GetNrFExt (const TStr &FExt)
static TStr GetNrNumFExt (const int &FExtN)
static TStr GetNrFNm (const TStr &FNm)
static TStr GetNrAbsFPath (const TStr &FPath, const TStr &BaseFPath=TStr())
static bool IsAbsFPath (const TStr &FPath)
static TStr PutFExt (const TStr &FNm, const TStr &FExt)
static TStr PutFExtIfEmpty (const TStr &FNm, const TStr &FExt)
static TStr PutFBase (const TStr &FNm, const TStr &FBase)
static TStr PutFBaseIfEmpty (const TStr &FNm, const TStr &FBase)
static TStr AddToFMid (const TStr &FNm, const TStr &ExtFMid)
static TStr GetNumFNm (const TStr &FNm, const int &Num)
static TStr GetFNmStr (const TStr &Str, const bool &AlNumOnlyP=true)
static TStr LoadTxt (const PSIn &SIn)
static TStr LoadTxt (const TStr &FNm)
static TStrGetChStr (const char &Ch)
static TStrGetDChStr (const char &Ch1, const char &Ch2)
static TStr GetStr (const TStr &Str, const char *FmtStr)
static TStr GetStr (const TStr &Str, const TStr &FmtStr)
static TStr GetStr (const TStrV &StrV, const TStr &DelimiterStr)
static TStr Fmt (const char *FmtStr,...)
static TStr GetSpaceStr (const int &Spaces)
static TStr MkClone (const TStr &Str)
static TStr GetNullStr ()

Detailed Description

template<class Type>
class TTypeNm< Type >

Definition at line 6 of file ut.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class Type >
TTypeNm< Type >::TTypeNm ( )

Definition at line 13 of file ut.h.

13 : TStr(GetNrTypeNm((char*)(typeid(Type).name()))){}
static TStr GetNrTypeNm(const TStr &TypeNm)
Definition: ut.h:8
Definition: dt.h:423

Member Function Documentation

template<class Type >
static TStr TTypeNm< Type >::GetNrTypeNm ( const TStr TypeNm)

Definition at line 8 of file ut.h.

References TStr::GetSubStr(), TStr::IsPrefix(), and TStr::Len().

Referenced by GetTypeNm().

8  {
9  if (TypeNm.IsPrefix("class ")){
10  return TypeNm.GetSubStr(6, TypeNm.Len()-1);}
11  else {return TypeNm;}}
int Len() const
Definition: dt.h:490
bool IsPrefix(const char *Str) const
Definition: dt.cpp:1081
TStr GetSubStr(const int &BChN, const int &EChN) const
Definition: dt.cpp:811

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