SNAP Library 6.0, Developer Reference  2020-12-09 16:24:20
SNAP, a general purpose, high performance system for analysis and manipulation of large networks
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1 // Environment
3 class TEnv{
4 private:
5  //int Args;
6  //char** ArgV;
9  int MnArgs;
10  bool SilentP;
12 public:
13  TEnv(): /*Args(0), ArgV(NULL)*/ ArgV(), HdStr(), MnArgs(1), SilentP(false), Notify(){}
14  TEnv(const TEnv&);
15  TEnv(const int& _Args, char** _ArgV, const PNotify& _Notify=NULL);
16  //Args(_Args), ArgV(_ArgV), HdStr(), MnArgs(1), SilentP(false), Notify(_Notify){}
17  TEnv(const TStr& _ArgStr, const PNotify& _Notify=NULL);
19  TEnv& operator=(const TEnv& Env){
20  /*Args=Env.Args;*/ ArgV=Env.ArgV; HdStr=Env.HdStr;
21  MnArgs=Env.MnArgs; SilentP=Env.SilentP; Notify=Env.Notify; return *this;}
23  // basic arguments & command line
24  //int GetArgs() const {return Args;}
25  int GetArgs() const {return ArgV.Len();}
26  //TStr GetArg(const int& ArgN) const {
27  // IAssert((0<=ArgN)&&(ArgN<Args)); return TStr(ArgV[ArgN]);}
28  TStr GetArg(const int& ArgN) const {
29  IAssert((0<=ArgN)&&(ArgN<GetArgs())); return ArgV[ArgN];}
30  TStr GetExeFNm() const;
31  TStr GetExeFPath() const {return GetExeFNm().GetFPath();}
32  TStr GetCmLn(const int& FromArgN=1) const;
33  bool IsSilent() const {return SilentP;}
35  // arguments prefix & postfix
36  int GetPrefixArgN(const TStr& PrefixStr) const;
37  bool IsArgPrefix(const TStr& PrefixStr) const {
38  return GetPrefixArgN(PrefixStr)!=-1;}
39  TStr GetArgPostfix(const TStr& PrefixStr) const;
41  // top level arguments handling
42  void PrepArgs(
43  const TStr& _HdStr=TStr(), const int& _MnArgs=1, const bool& SilentP=false);
44  TStr GetHdStr() const {return HdStr;}
45  int GetMnArgs() const {return MnArgs;}
46  bool IsEndOfRun() const;
48  // arguments value retrieval
49  bool IsArgStr(const TStr& ArgStr);
50  bool IsArgStr(const TStr& ArgStr, const TStr& DNm);
51  TStr GetIfArgPrefixStr(const TStr& PrefixStr, const TStr& DfVal="", const TStr& DNm="") const;
52  TStrV GetIfArgPrefixStrV(const TStr& PrefixStr, TStrV& DfValV, const TStr& DNm="") const;
53  TStrV GetIfArgPrefixStrV(const TStr& PrefixStr, const TStr& DNm="") const {
54  TStrV DfValV; return GetIfArgPrefixStrV(PrefixStr, DfValV, DNm);}
55  TStrSet GetIfArgPrefixStrSet(const TStr& PrefixStr, TStrV& DfValV, const TStr& DNm="") const {
56  return TStrSet(GetIfArgPrefixStrV(PrefixStr, DfValV, DNm));}
57  TStrSet GetIfArgPrefixStrSet(const TStr& PrefixStr, const TStr& DNm="") const {
58  return TStrSet(GetIfArgPrefixStrV(PrefixStr, DNm));}
59  bool GetIfArgPrefixBool(const TStr& PrefixStr, const bool& DfVal=false, const TStr& DNm="") const;
60  int GetIfArgPrefixInt(const TStr& PrefixStr, const int& DfVal=0, const TStr& DNm="") const;
61  TIntV GetIfArgPrefixIntV(const TStr& PrefixStr, TIntV& DfValV, const TStr& DNm="") const;
62  TIntV GetIfArgPrefixIntV(const TStr& PrefixStr, const TStr& DNm="") const {
63  TIntV DfValV; return GetIfArgPrefixIntV(PrefixStr, DfValV, DNm);}
64  double GetIfArgPrefixFlt(const TStr& PrefixStr, const double& DfVal=0, const TStr& DNm="") const;
66  // environment variables
67  static void PutVarVal(const TStr& VarNm, const TStr& VarVal);
68  TStr GetVarVal(const TStr& VarNm) const;
69  void GetVarNmV(TStrV& VarNmV);
70  void GetVarNmValV(TStrV& NmValV);
71 };
73 extern TEnv Env;
int GetIfArgPrefixInt(const TStr &PrefixStr, const int &DfVal=0, const TStr &DNm="") const
Definition: env.cpp:209
#define IAssert(Cond)
Definition: bd.h:262
void GetVarNmV(TStrV &VarNmV)
Definition: env.cpp:272
TStr GetIfArgPrefixStr(const TStr &PrefixStr, const TStr &DfVal="", const TStr &DNm="") const
Definition: env.cpp:110
bool SilentP
Definition: env.h:10
TStrSet GetIfArgPrefixStrSet(const TStr &PrefixStr, const TStr &DNm="") const
Definition: env.h:57
TStrSet GetIfArgPrefixStrSet(const TStr &PrefixStr, TStrV &DfValV, const TStr &DNm="") const
Definition: env.h:55
TStr GetFPath() const
Definition: dt.cpp:1389
TIntV GetIfArgPrefixIntV(const TStr &PrefixStr, const TStr &DNm="") const
Definition: env.h:62
TEnv & operator=(const TEnv &Env)
Definition: env.h:19
TStrV GetIfArgPrefixStrV(const TStr &PrefixStr, const TStr &DNm="") const
Definition: env.h:53
TStr GetHdStr() const
Definition: env.h:44
TSizeTy Len() const
Returns the number of elements in the vector.
Definition: ds.h:575
Definition: env.h:3
bool IsEndOfRun() const
Definition: env.cpp:72
void GetVarNmValV(TStrV &NmValV)
Definition: env.cpp:281
TIntV GetIfArgPrefixIntV(const TStr &PrefixStr, TIntV &DfValV, const TStr &DNm="") const
Definition: env.cpp:231
int GetPrefixArgN(const TStr &PrefixStr) const
Definition: env.cpp:31
int GetMnArgs() const
Definition: env.h:45
TStr HdStr
Definition: env.h:8
TStr GetCmLn(const int &FromArgN=1) const
Definition: env.cpp:22
int MnArgs
Definition: env.h:9
TEnv Env
Definition: env.cpp:297
TStr GetExeFNm() const
Definition: env.cpp:14
TStrV GetIfArgPrefixStrV(const TStr &PrefixStr, TStrV &DfValV, const TStr &DNm="") const
Definition: env.cpp:136
bool IsArgStr(const TStr &ArgStr)
Definition: env.cpp:86
double GetIfArgPrefixFlt(const TStr &PrefixStr, const double &DfVal=0, const TStr &DNm="") const
Definition: env.cpp:250
bool IsSilent() const
Definition: env.h:33
THashSet< TStr > TStrSet
Definition: shash.h:1385
bool IsArgPrefix(const TStr &PrefixStr) const
Definition: env.h:37
void PrepArgs(const TStr &_HdStr=TStr(), const int &_MnArgs=1, const bool &SilentP=false)
Definition: env.cpp:46
bool GetIfArgPrefixBool(const TStr &PrefixStr, const bool &DfVal=false, const TStr &DNm="") const
Definition: env.cpp:178
TStr GetArgPostfix(const TStr &PrefixStr) const
Definition: env.cpp:40
TStr GetVarVal(const TStr &VarNm) const
Definition: env.cpp:293
TStrV ArgV
Definition: env.h:7
Definition: env.h:13
Definition: dt.h:412
PNotify Notify
Definition: env.h:11
static void PutVarVal(const TStr &VarNm, const TStr &VarVal)
Definition: env.cpp:288
int GetArgs() const
Definition: env.h:25
TStr GetExeFPath() const
Definition: env.h:31
TStr GetArg(const int &ArgN) const
Definition: env.h:28