SNAP Library 6.0, Developer Reference  2020-12-09 16:24:20
SNAP, a general purpose, high performance system for analysis and manipulation of large networks
TSs Member List

This is the complete list of members for TSs, including all inherited members.

At(const int &X, const int &Y)TSs
DelX(const int &X)TSs
DelY(const int &Y)TSs
GetFldNm(const int &FldX) const TSsinline
GetFlds() const TSsinline
GetFldX(const TStr &FldNm, const TStr &NewFldNm="", const int &Y=0) const TSs
GetFldY(const TStr &FldNm, const TStr &NewFldNm="", const int &X=0) const TSs
GetSsFmtFromStr(const TStr &SsFmtNm)TSsstatic
GetStrFromSsFmt(const TSsFmt &SsFmt)TSsstatic
GetVal(const int &X, const int &Y) const TSs
GetXLen() const TSs
GetXLen(const int &Y) const TSs
GetYLen() const TSs
Load(TSIn &SIn)TSsinlinestatic
LoadTxt(const TSsFmt &SsFmt, const TStr &FNm, const PNotify &Notify=NULL, const bool &IsExcelEoln=true, const int &MxY=-1, const TIntV &AllowedColNV=TIntV(), const bool &IsQStr=true)TSsstatic
LoadTxtFldV(const TSsFmt &SsFmt, const PSIn &SIn, char &Ch, TStrV &FldValV, const bool &IsExcelEoln=true, const bool &IsQStr=true)TSsstatic
operator=(const TSs &Ss)TSsinline
PutVal(const int &X, const int &Y, const TStr &Str)TSs
Save(TSOut &SOut)TSsinline
SaveTxt(const TStr &FNm, const PNotify &Notify=NULL) const TSs
SearchX(const int &Y, const TStr &Str) const TSs
SearchY(const int &X, const TStr &Str) const TSs
TPt< TSs > classTSsfriend
TSs(TSIn &SIn)TSsinline