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dt.cpp File Reference
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#define __TEST(from, to, len)


TStr operator+ (const TStr &LStr, const TStr &RStr)
TStr operator+ (const TStr &LStr, const char *RCStr)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define __TEST (   from,
for (i = (from); i <= (to); i++) \
{ if ((i & 0xffff) == 0) printf("%d\r", i); \
r = SaveFrugalInt(p, i); s = LoadFrugalInt(p, j); \
IAssert(r == s); IAssert(i == j); IAssert(r - p == len); }
#define IAssert(Cond)
Definition: bd.h:262

Referenced by TInt::TestFrugalInt().

Function Documentation

TStr operator+ ( const TStr LStr,
const TStr RStr 

Definition at line 1631 of file dt.cpp.

References TStr::Empty().

1631  {
1632  if (LStr.Empty()){return RStr;}
1633  else if (RStr.Empty()){return LStr;}
1634  else {return TStr(LStr)+=RStr;}
1635 }
Definition: dt.h:412
bool Empty() const
Definition: dt.h:491

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TStr operator+ ( const TStr LStr,
const char *  RCStr 

Definition at line 1637 of file dt.cpp.

1637  {
1638  return TStr(LStr)+=RCStr;
1639 }
Definition: dt.h:412