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xmlser.h File Reference
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template<class TRec >
bool IsXLoadFromFileOk (const TStr &FNm, const TStr &Nm, TRec &Rec, TStr &MsgStr)
template<class TRec >
void XLoadFromFile (const TStr &FNm, const TStr &Nm, TRec &Rec)

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template<class TRec >
bool IsXLoadFromFileOk ( const TStr FNm,
const TStr Nm,
TRec &  Rec,
TStr MsgStr 

Definition at line 45 of file xmlser.h.

References TXmlDoc::LoadTxt(), and TPt< TRec >::LoadXml().

Referenced by XLoadFromFile().

45  {
46  bool Ok=true;
47  try {
48  PXmlDoc XmlDoc=TXmlDoc::LoadTxt(FNm);
49  if (XmlDoc->IsOk()){
50  PXmlTok XmlTok=XmlDoc->GetTok();
51  Rec.LoadXml(XmlTok, Nm);
52  } else {
53  Ok=false; MsgStr=XmlDoc->GetMsgStr();
54  }
55  }
56  catch (PExcept Except){
57  Ok=false; MsgStr=Except->GetMsgStr();
58  }
59  return Ok;
60 }
static PXmlDoc LoadTxt(TXmlLx &Lx)
Definition: xml.cpp:1401
Definition: bd.h:196
void LoadXml(const TPt< TXmlTok > &XmlTok, const TStr &Nm)
Definition: xmlser.h:21

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template<class TRec >
void XLoadFromFile ( const TStr FNm,
const TStr Nm,
TRec &  Rec 

Definition at line 63 of file xmlser.h.

References IsXLoadFromFileOk(), and TExcept::Throw().

63  {
64  TStr MsgStr;
65  if (!IsXLoadFromFileOk(FNm, Nm, Rec, MsgStr)){
66  TExcept::Throw(MsgStr);
67  }
68 }
static void Throw(const TStr &MsgStr)
Definition: ut.h:187
Definition: dt.h:412
bool IsXLoadFromFileOk(const TStr &FNm, const TStr &Nm, TRec &Rec, TStr &MsgStr)
Definition: xmlser.h:45

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