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Google web graph

Dataset information

Nodes represent web pages and directed edges represent hyperlinks between them. The data was released in 2002 by Google as a part of Google Programming Contest.

Dataset statistics
Nodes 875713
Edges 5105039
Nodes in largest WCC 855802 (0.977)
Edges in largest WCC 5066842 (0.993)
Nodes in largest SCC 434818 (0.497)
Edges in largest SCC 3419124 (0.670)
Average clustering coefficient 0.5143
Number of triangles 13391903
Fraction of closed triangles 0.01911
Diameter (longest shortest path) 21
90-percentile effective diameter 8.1

Source (citation)


File Description
web-Google.txt.gz Webgraph from the Google programming contest, 2002