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Telecom Graph

Dataset information

This dataset is provided by the Global Technology Services department of Huawei Technologies, Co., Ltd. It contains the relationships between users and behaviors in a telecom network. This telecom graph is a good supplement to the online graph collections and can help establish the evaluation standard of modern graph algorithms on telecom networks.

The graph consists of 4 types of nodes: user, package, app, cell, and 3 types of edges: user-buy-package, user-use-app, user-live-cell. There are 170K nodes and 50M edges, among which 100K are users. All files are plain texts in CSV format, with the file name beginning with 'edge_' or 'node_'. IDs are represented 4-byte integers, while attributes are float numbers between 0 and 1.

Number of graphs: 1
Directed: Yes
Node features: Yes
Edge features: Yes
Size 170K50M


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