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Ask Ubuntu temporal network

Dataset information

This is a temporal network of interactions on the stack exchange web site Ask Ubuntu. There are three different types of interactions represented by a directed edge (u, v, t):

The graph sx-askubuntu contains the union of these graphs. These graphs were constructed from the Stack Exchange Data Dump. Node ID numbers correspond to the 'OwnerUserId' tag in that data dump.

Dataset statistics (sx-askubuntu)
Nodes 159316
Temporal Edges 964437
Edges in static graph 596933
Time span 2613 days
Dataset statistics (sx-askubuntu-a2q)
Nodes 137517
Temporal Edges 280102
Edges in static graph 262106
Time span 2613 days
Dataset statistics (sx-askubuntu-c2q)
Nodes 79155
Temporal Edges 327513
Edges in static graph 198852
Time span 2047 days
Dataset statistics (sx-askubuntu-c2a)
Nodes 75555
Temporal Edges 356822
Edges in static graph 178210
Time span 2418 days

Source (citation)


File Description
sx-askubuntu.txt.gz All interactions
sx-askubuntu-a2q.txt.gz Answers to questions
sx-askubuntu-c2q.txt.gz Comments to questions
sx-askubuntu-c2a.txt.gz Comments to answers

Data format


where edges are separated by a new line and