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Epinions social network

Dataset information

This is who-trust-whom online social network of a a general consumer review site Members of the site can decide whether to ''trust'' each other. All the trust relationships interact and form the Web of Trust which is then combined with review ratings to determine which reviews are shown to the user.

Dataset statistics
Nodes 131828
Edges 841372
Nodes in largest WCC 119130 (0.904)
Edges in largest WCC 833695 (0.991)
Nodes in largest SCC 41441 (0.314)
Edges in largest SCC 693737 (0.825)
Average clustering coefficient 0.1279
Number of triangles 4910076
Fraction of closed triangles 0.02849
Diameter (longest shortest path) 14
90-percentile effective diameter 4.9

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File Description
soc-sign-epinions.txt.gz Directed Epinions signed social network