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LiveJournal social network

Dataset information

LiveJournal is a free on-line community with almost 10 million members; a significant fraction of these members are highly active. (For example, roughly 300,000 update their content in any given 24-hour period.) LiveJournal allows members to maintain journals, individual and group blogs, and it allows people to declare which other members are their friends they belong.

Dataset statistics
Nodes 4847571
Edges 68993773
Nodes in largest WCC 4843953 (0.999)
Edges in largest WCC 68983820 (1.000)
Nodes in largest SCC 3828682 (0.790)
Edges in largest SCC 65825429 (0.954)
Average clustering coefficient 0.2742
Number of triangles 285730264
Fraction of closed triangles 0.04266
Diameter (longest shortest path) 16
90-percentile effective diameter 6.5

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File Description
soc-LiveJournal1.txt.gz Directed LiveJournal friednship social network