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GitHub Social Network

Dataset information

A large social network of GitHub developers which was collected from the public API in June 2019. Nodes are developers who have starred at least 10 repositories and edges are mutual follower relationships between them. The vertex features are extracted based on the location, repositories starred, employer and e-mail address. The task related to the graph is binary node classification - one has to predict whether the GitHub user is a web or a machine learning developer. This target feature was derived from the job title of each user.

MUSAE paper:
MUSAE Project: Github

Dataset statistics
Directed No.
Node features Yes.
Edge features No.
Node labels Yes. Binary-labeled.
Temporal No.
Nodes 37,700
Edges 289,003
Density 0.001
Transitvity 0.013

Possible tasks
Binary node classification
Link prediction
Community detection
Network visualization

Source (citation)

  • B. Rozemberczki, C. Allen and R. Sarkar. Multi-scale Attributed Node Embedding. 2019.
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