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Astro Physics collaboration network

Dataset information

Dataset information

Arxiv ASTRO-PH (Astro Physics) collaboration network is from the e-print arXiv and covers scientific collaborations between authors papers submitted to Astro Physics category. If an author i co-authored a paper with author j, the graph contains a undirected edge from i to j. If the paper is co-authored by k authors this generates a completely connected (sub)graph on k nodes.

The data covers papers in the period from January 1993 to April 2003 (124 months). It begins within a few months of the inception of the arXiv, and thus represents essentially the complete history of its ASTRO-PH section.

Dataset statistics
Nodes 18772
Edges 198110
Nodes in largest WCC 17903 (0.954)
Edges in largest WCC 197031 (0.995)
Nodes in largest SCC 17903 (0.954)
Edges in largest SCC 197031 (0.995)
Average clustering coefficient 0.6306
Number of triangles 1351441
Fraction of closed triangles 0.1345
Diameter (longest shortest path) 14
90-percentile effective diameter 5

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File Description
ca-AstroPh.txt.gz Collaboration network of Arxiv Astro Physics category