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Species-specific protein-protein association networks

Dataset information

This is a collections of species-specific protein-protein association networks. Nodes represent proteins in different species (e.g., human, fruit fly, zebrafish, yeast) and edges represent direct (physical) protein-protein interactions, as well as indirect (functional) associations between proteins in a given species.

Dataset statistics
Nodes 8254694
Edges 1847117370
Species 2031

The information is extracted from STRING v10.5 and contains experimental data on protein-protein interactions, known pathways and protein complexes from curated databases, interactions based on systematic co-expression analysis, shared signals across genomes, associations obtained via automated text-mining of scientific literature, and interactions transferred between species based on gene orthology.



File Size Description
PP-Miner_miner-ppi.tsv.gz 69GB Species-specific protein-protein association networks (edgelist; protein IDs are prefixed by taxon IDs representing species, e.g., 4932 denotes baker's yeast)