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Classification of cellular functions into a hierarchy

Dataset information

This is a biological function network that classifies biological functions into a hierarchy. The hierarchy is specified by Gene Ontology that describes biological functions and relationships between them. Biological functions capture biological processes (i.e., pathways and larger processes made up of the activities of multiple gene products), cellular components (i.e., components/organelles where gene products are active), and molecular functions (i.e., molecular activities of gene products).

Dataset statistics
Nodes 46027
Edges 106510
Nodes in largest SCC 46007
Fraction of nodes in largest SCC 1.000000
Edges in largest SCC 106499
Fraction of edges in largest SCC 0.999897
Average clustering coefficient 0.102073
Number of triangles 40632618
Fraction of closed triangles 0.000738
Diameter (longest shortest path) 16
90-percentile effective diameter 8.341534

The information is extracted from Gene Ontology, which defines the universe of concepts relating to biological functions, and how these functions are related to each other.



File Size Description
FF-Miner_miner-func-func.tsv.gz 2.6MB Function-function network (nodes are Gene Ontology terms)