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Poypharmacy side-effect association network

Dataset information

This is a network of polypharmacy side-effects. Nodes represent drugs and edges represent different types of side effects that are associated with drug pairs. Edges indicate which side effects a patient will likely experience if he takes two drugs together (i.e., a drug combination). Such side effects are known as polypharmacy side-effects, as they are associated with drug pairs (or higher-order drug combinations) and cannot be attributed to either individual drug in the pair (in a drug combination).

Dataset statistics
Nodes 645
Edges 63473
Nodes in largest SCC 645
Fraction of nodes in largest SCC 1.000000
Edges in largest SCC 63473
Fraction of edges in largest SCC 1.000000
Average clustering coefficient 0.811445
Number of triangles 11489282
Fraction of closed triangles 0.354259
Diameter (longest shortest path) 3
90-percentile effective diameter 1.864073
Average side effects per edge 73.250689
Median side effects per edge 53
Standard deviation of side effects per edge 66.053302

Polypharmacy side-effect information was generated based on national adverse event reporting systems.



File Size Description
ChChSe-Decagon_polypharmacy.csv.gz 232.8MB Side effects of drug pairs