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Network structure of disease pathways

Dataset information

This is a dataset of network structural features describing diseases. Diseases are first represented as pathways and then pathway structures are characterized. The features characterize connectivity of disease disease pathways (e.g., network density, modularity, spatial associations), both internally and in the context of a larger protein-protein interaction network.

Broadly, a disease pathway is a system of interacting proteins whose atypical activity collectively produces some disease phenotype. Given a human physical protein-protein interaction network, whose nodes represent proteins and edges represent protein-protein interactions, the disease pathway for a given disease is a subgraph of the PPI network specified by the set of proteins that are associated with the disease and by the set of corresponding protein-protein interactions. Examples of disease pathways include 'adrenal cortex carcinoma pathway,' 'Noonan syndrome,' and 'mitochondrial complex I deficiency.'



File Size Description
D-StructPathways_diseases.csv.gz 46KB Network structural features of diseases (feature table)