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This is the new Infolab file server. There is not much happening on it at the moment, but as we transition to the new account system, all of your data should be here.


  • CPU:
    • Type: Intel Xeon E5620 Spec

    • CPUs: 1
    • Cores: 4 (4 per CPU)

    • Threads: 8 (8 per CPU)
    • Clock: 2.66 GHz
    • Cache: 12 MB
    • Capability: 64-bit, SSE4.1/4.2, VT-x, AES
  • RAM:
    • Type: 1066 MHz Registered ECC DDR3
    • Configuration: 3x 4 GB
    • Capacity: 12 GB

  • HDD:
    • Gross apacity: 18 TB


  • DNS:

  • IPv4:


  • CentOS 5.8


You should never need to login to this server.