Locked History Actions


Get started @ Gates Building


  • Pick your key in office 176 (1st floor). There is a $20 deposit for your key.
  • Initialize your key: insert the key in every door you think you need access to. These are generally:

    • Exterior doors of the building: insert the key and don't turn it.
    • Elevators: insert the key and don't turn it.
    • Authorized interior doors: your office, conference rooms, ...
  • Key beeps:

    • If you hear one beep this means you can open this door.

    • If you hear two beeps this means that access is denied (if you think you should have access, contact Marianne and key@CS.Stanford.EDU).

    • If you hear four beeps this means that the battery on the door needs replacement. Please send an e-mail to key@CS.Stanford.EDU or fixit@CS.Stanford.EDU and include the room number so they can replace the battery.

Multiple beeps on exterior doors

If you hear multiple beeps when trying your key on exterior doors during Business hours, just ignore those.

Four beeps

Failure to report a battery that is running out of juice may lock you out of your office. Once the battery is dead you need some serious thief skills to reopen your office door ;-)