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AFS on Mac OS X El Capitan / 10.11.1


Download the Auristor client for Mac OS X El Capitan here or grab it here.


Open the downloaded image file (dmg) and double-click the Auristor-Lite.pkg icon to start the installation.



Enter cs.stanford.edu for your local cell name and cs for your local cell alias.



You'll be prompted for your account password to allow the installation. This is the password to your account on your Mac.



Copy the krb5.conf file from here to your /etc directory. Since you'll probably run into a privilege issue we suggest you open a Terminal window and run:

sudo curl -o /etc/krb5.conf "http://snap.stanford.edu/moin/KerberosMacElCapitan?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=krb5.conf"


Reboot the system.


Obtaining credentials is not as user friendly as it used to be. Here's how you can do it manually... Open a Terminal window then run:

kinit your_csid@CS.STANFORD.EDU

Alternatively you can grab this script and save it to your home directory and make it executable. Open a Terminal window:

curl -o MountAfs "http://snap.stanford.edu/moin/KerberosMacElCapitan?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=MountAfs"
chmod +x MountAfs

Use your favorite text editor and make sure you enter your CSID on the 3rd line of the script:

# /usr/bin/env bash

## Enter your CSID here

Now you can even make a shortcut to that script on the dock.



Run the script. Once you see the AFS up and running message you can access your files on AFS.


If you'd like to create a shortcut to your files in your Mac home directory you can open a terminal and run:

ln -s /afs/cs/u/your_csid afshome