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= Welcome meetings (9/26/2017) = = Welcome meeting (9/26/2017) =

Welcome to the Infolab wiki

This wiki contains some information about the Infolab infrastructure and some tips and tricks that may or may not help you with your everyday computer troubles.

The contents are accessible from pretty much anywhere. While the content is public, the editing is restricted to registered users. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one here. If there are any groups that you would like to be added to, please talk to Adrijan.

Use the sidebar on your left to access some of the important pages.

If you have any useful information that you want to share with others or you think that there are any wrong/outdated information on this Wiki please send send an email to adrijan@cs.stanford.edu or just edit the Wiki.

The information on Infolab Wiki may be outdated. We will try to update all information as soon as possible.

Welcome meeting (9/26/2017)

Register new CSID account: https://cs.stanford.edu/webdb/csid (fill "Reason for CSID":"Access to Infolab servers" and "Sponsor or Advisor in CS":"Rok Sosic")

Manage your account: https://cs.stanford.edu/pedit

Submit support requests: https://support.cs.stanford.edu (CC adrijan@cs.stanford.edu)

Servers information: https://snap.stanford.edu/moin/InfolabServers

File storage: https://snap.stanford.edu/moin/StoringFiles

Long-running jobs: http://snap.stanford.edu/moin/ScreenKerberos


  • SNAP group meeting . Tuesday: 10AM, Gates 415
  • Infolunch meeting - Friday: noon, Gates 415

Official hours at sysadmin office: Mon - Fri, 2 PM - 3 PM Sysadmin email: adrijan@cs.stanford.edu

Mailing lists: