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||<v:rowspan=2> '''Server''' ||<v:rowspan=2> '''OS''' ||<v:rowspan=2> '''Memory''' <<BR>>[GB] ||<v:colspan=6> '''CPU'''||<v:rowspan=2> '''Storage''' <<BR>> [TB] ||<v:rowspan=2> '''Login''' ||<v:rowspan=2> '''CPU load''' <<BR>> [%] ||<v:rowspan=2> '''RAM used''' <<BR>> [bytes] ||<v:rowspan=2> '''Server''' ||<v:rowspan=2> '''OS''' ||<v:rowspan=2> '''Memory''' <<BR>>[GB] ||<v:colspan=6> '''CPU'''||<v:rowspan=2> '''Storage''' <<BR>> [TB] ||<v:rowspan=2> '''Login''' ||<v:rowspan=2> '''CPU load''' <<BR>> [%] ||<v:rowspan=2> '''RAM used''' <<BR>> [bytes] ||