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 * Set up a VPN connection: [[VPN]]

Get started @ Infolab

Welcome to Infolab! Here is some info that will help you get started in the Infolab group.

Getting your computer on-line

  • You have to register your computer for wired/wireless access: http://cs.stanford.edu/csdcf/register-host-network-access.

  • If you cannot access the network, ask Marianne to fill out the form on your behalf. You will need to provide your wired and your wireless MAC address.
  • If you do not wish to register your computer and you are visiting for a short period of time please ask about the InfolabGuest wireless network (talk to Andrej or Rok).


CS account

InfoLab account

InfoLab servers

InfoLab printers

Remote access

  • whale.stanford.edu:
    • SSH access.
    • Login with your CSID.

Stanford cluster of servers for common use

  • corn.stanford.edu
  • cardinal.stanford.edu
  • maze.stanford.edu