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{{{#!wiki tip

Make sure you enable the duplex module in your driver and make sure you use two-sided printing to save supplies.

Get started @ Infolab

Welcome to Infolab! Here is a list that will help you get started in the Infolab group.

Getting your computer on-line


CS account

InfoLab account

InfoLab servers

  • These are the computers that host the data and do computation.
  • Find the list of servers here: InfolabServers.

  • Contact e-mail for the system administration: action@db.stanford.edu.

InfoLab printers

Remote access

  • shark.stanford.edu:
    • SSH access.
    • Login with your InfoLab account.

  • whale.stanford.edu:
    • SSH access.
    • Login with your CSID.
  • Set up a VPN connection: VpnHowto

Stanford cluster of servers for common use

  • corn.stanford.edu
  • cardinal.stanford.edu
  • maze.stanford.edu