Accepted Papers

Vladimir Ufimtsev and Sanjukta Bhowmick
Application of Group Testing in Identifying High Betweenness Centrality Vertices in Complex Networks (pdf)

Nick Bridle and Xiaojin Zhu
p-voltages: Laplacian Regularization for Semi-Supervised Learning on High-Dimensional Data (pdf)

Yuxian Eugene Liang and Yuan Soe-Tsyr Daphne
Investors Are Social Animals: Predicting Investor Behavior using Social Network Features via Supervised Learning Approach (pdf)

Zhaonian Zou
Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Finding Densest Subgraphs in Uncertain Graphs (pdf)

Harshasai Thota, Vijaya Saradhi V and Venkatesh T
Network Traffic Analysis Using Principal Component Graphs (pdf)

Yu-Keng Shih, Sungmin Kim, Tao Shi and Srinivasan Parthasarathy
Directional Component Detection via Markov Clustering in Directed Networks (pdf)

Christian Bauckhage, Kristian Kersting and Bashir Rastegarpanah
The Weibull as a Model of Shortest Path Distributions in Random Networks (pdf)

Marion Neumann, Plinio Moreno, Laura Antanas, Roman Garnett and Kristian Kersting
Graph Kernels for Object Category Prediction in Task-Dependent Robot Grasping (pdf)

Sebastian Moreno, Pablo Robles and Jennifer Neville
Block Kronecker Product Graph Model (pdf)

André Domingos, Hugo Ferreira, Pedro Rijo, Cátia Vaz and Alexandre P. Francisco
Degrees of separation on a dynamic social network (pdf)

Andreia Sofia Teixeira, Pedro T. Monteiro, João Carriço, Mario Ramirez and Alexandre P. Francisco
Spanning edge betweenness (pdf)

Tanmoy Mukherjee and Vinay Pande
Extended Tensor Factorization for learning new facts in Knowledge Bases (pdf)

Marion Neumann, Roman Garnett and Kristian Kersting
Coinciding Walk Graph Kernels (pdf)

Amit Dhurandhar
Auto-correlation Dependent Bounds for Relational Data (pdf)

Sears Merritt and Aaron Clauset
Social Network Dynamics in a Massive Online Game: Network Turnover, Non-densification, and Team Engagement in Halo Reach (pdf)

Ashish Goel, Aneesh Sharma, Dong Wang and Zhijun Yin
Discovering Similar Users on Twitter (pdf)

Emre Kiciman, Munmun De Choudhury, Scott Counts and Michael Gamon, Bo Thiesson
Analyzing Social Media Relationships in Context with Discussion Graphs (pdf)

Yoon-Sik Cho, Greg Ver Steeg and Aram Galstyan
Socially Relevant Venue Clustering from Check-in Data (pdf)

Ole Mengshoel, Raj Desai, Andrew Chen and Brian Tran
Will We Connect Again? Machine Learning for Link Prediction in Mobile Social Networks (pdf)

Ali Shojaie
Multi-Mode Exponential Random Graph Models for Link Prediction in Biological Networks (pdf)

Yuyi Wang and Jan Ramon
Towards mining and learning with networked examples (pdf)

Majid Yazdani, Ronan Collobert and Andrei Popescu-Belis
Learning to Rank on Network Data (pdf)