Mining Massive Data Sets
Winter 2012

CS246 Frequently Asked questions

Q: What are the prerequisites for the course?

A: Students are expected to have good programming skills, and know some basic probability/statistics and linear algebra. You can find a more detailed description of the prerequisites on Course information.

Q: I have a time conflict with this course and cannot attend the lectures in person. Is it still possible for me to take the class?

A: Yes it is. CS246 is recorded and televised by SCPD, and so you will be able to watch the lectures online at the SCPD site. Any Stanford student can watch the videos of the lectures here.

Q: How do I submit my assignment?

A: Assignments will be due in class (9:30am) on Fridays. There will be a drop off box at the back of the class.

All homeworks should include the Homework cover sheet.

If you are a regular (non-SCPD) student and need to submit your assignments outside class, hand it in to the submission box cabinet in 1st floor of Gates building, near the east entrance. You can find the instructions here.

Also submit the assignment electronically. See below for instructions on how to do this.

Q: I am a SCPD student, how do I submit my assignment?

A: If you are an SCPD student, you should submit all your files via assignment submission site. See instructions below on how to do this.

Additionally, all SCPD students should also include the Homework Routing Form available here. This should appear as the very first page of your assignment writeup. Without the form the staff will be unable to return the graded homework to you.

Also send us email to the submissions email: cs246.mmds@gmail.com (Note: this is different from the normal staff e-mail @stanford.edu). Write "Assignment XXX Submission: SUNetID" in the Subject of the email, where XXX is one of the following: {HW1, HW2, HW3, HW4}. And SUNetID is your Stanford University Network ID. Do not attach the homework to the email.

Q: How do I submit my assignment electronically?

A: In addition to handing in the paper copy you should also upload the assignment electronically as a single PDF file. You do not need to typeset the homework, you can upload scanned pages.

Create a single PDF file and use the assignment submission site. Put any other files (code, etc.) into a single ZIP file and upload that separately.

Please do not email your assignments to us. Note that we will only grade the paper copy of your assignment. We will consult your submitted files if needed.

Q: Will the recitation sessions be recorded?

A: Yes. The recitation sessions will also be available along with the other recorded lectures.

Q: How do I register to Piazza?

A: Piazza requires @stanford.edu emaill address to be used for registration. If you do not have @stanford.edu address, send us email to cs246-win1112-staff@lists.stanford.edu with your email address and we will add you to Piazza manually.