Mining Massive Data Sets
Winter 2011


There will be assignments of two kinds.

Gradiance Assignments

With regard to the weekly quizzes on Gradiance. Here are the instructions:

You can try the work as many times as you like, and we hope everyone will eventually get 100%. The secret is that each of the questions involves a "long-answer" problem, which you should work. The Gradiance system gives you random right and wrong answers each time you open it, and thus samples your knowledge of the full problem. While there are ways to game the system, we group several questions at a time, so it is hard to get 100% without actually working the problems. Also notice that you have to wait 10 minutes between openings, so brute-force random guessing will not work.

Solutions appear after the problem-set is due. However, you must submit at least once, so your most recent solution appears with the solutions embedded.

Homework Assignments:

These assignments will involve coding, working with Hadoop, as well as regular numerical/algebraic theory problems.

Collaboration Policy: Discussion is allowed, but strictly no copying. Also, please be sure to write down the names of everone you have discussed with on the first page of your homework.

Due: 11.59PM on Wednesdays. Submit all your homework electronically to your dropbox folder at CourseWork. For each homework you need to upload two files to your dropbox folder:

There will be no late days.