CS224W Analysis of Networks

Mining and Learning with Graphs


Networks are a fundamental tool for modeling complex social, technological, and biological systems. Coupled with the emergence of online social networks and large-scale data availability in biological sciences, this course focuses on the analysis of massive networks which provide many computational, algorithmic, and modeling challenges.


The course will cover recent research on the structure and analysis of such large networks and on models and algorithms that abstract their basic properties. We will explore how to practically analyze large-scale network data and how to reason about it through models for network structure and evolution.


How information spreads through society; robustness and fragility of food webs and financial markets; algorithms for the World Wide Web; friend prediction in online social networks; identification of functional modules in biological networks; disease outbreak detection.



All deadlines (homework and project) are meant at 11:59pm PST.

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Lectures will be held in the NVIDIA Auditorium (Huang Engineering Building).

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