SaveMatlabSparseMtx(Graph, OutFNm)

Saves a graph in a MATLAB sparse matrix format.

Each line contains a tuple of 3 values: <source node id><tab><destination node id><tab>1.


  • Graph: graph (input)

    A graph or a network.

  • OutFNm: string (input)

    Name of the output file.

Return value:

  • None

The following example shows how to save a graph of type TNGraph, TUNGraph, and TNEANet in a MATLAB sparse matrix format:

import snap

Graph = snap.GenRndGnm(snap.PNGraph, 1000, 500)
snap.SaveMatlabSparseMtx(Graph, "TNGraph.mat")

UGraph = snap.GenRndGnm(snap.PUNGraph, 1000, 500)
snap.SaveMatlabSparseMtx(UGraph, "TUNGraph.mat")

Network = snap.GenRndGnm(snap.PNEANet, 1000, 500)
snap.SaveMatlabSparseMtx(Network, "TNEANet.mat")

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