SNAP Library 6.0, Developer Reference  2020-12-09 16:24:20
SNAP, a general purpose, high performance system for analysis and manipulation of large networks
TUNGraph Member List

This is the complete list of members for TUNGraph, including all inherited members.

AddEdge(const int &SrcNId, const int &DstNId)TUNGraph
AddEdge(const int &SrcNId, const int &DstNId, const int &EId)TUNGraphinline
AddEdge(const TEdgeI &EdgeI)TUNGraphinline
AddEdge2(const int &SrcNId, const int &DstNId)TUNGraph
AddEdgeUnchecked(const int &SrcNId, const int &DstNId)TUNGraph
AddNode(int NId=-1)TUNGraph
AddNode(const TNodeI &NodeI)TUNGraphinline
AddNode(const int &NId, const TIntV &NbrNIdV)TUNGraph
AddNode(const int &NId, const TVecPool< TInt > &Pool, const int &NIdVId)TUNGraph
AddNodeUnchecked(int NId=-1)TUNGraph
BegEI() const TUNGraphinline
BegNI() const TUNGraphinline
Defrag(const bool &OnlyNodeLinks=false)TUNGraph
DelEdge(const int &SrcNId, const int &DstNId)TUNGraph
DelNode(const int &NId)TUNGraph
DelNode(const TNode &NodeI)TUNGraphinline
Dump(FILE *OutF=stdout) const TUNGraph
Empty() const TUNGraphinline
EndEI() const TUNGraphinline
EndNI() const TUNGraphinline
GetEdges() const TUNGraph
GetEI(const int &EId) const TUNGraph
GetEI(const int &SrcNId, const int &DstNId) const TUNGraph
GetMxNId() const TUNGraphinline
GetNI(const int &NId) const TUNGraphinline
GetNIdV(TIntV &NIdV) const TUNGraph
GetNode(const int &NId)TUNGraphinlineprivate
GetNode(const int &NId) const TUNGraphinlineprivate
GetNodes() const TUNGraphinline
GetRndNI(TRnd &Rnd=TInt::Rnd)TUNGraphinline
GetRndNId(TRnd &Rnd=TInt::Rnd)TUNGraphinline
HasFlag(const TGraphFlag &Flag) const TUNGraph
IsEdge(const int &SrcNId, const int &DstNId) const TUNGraph
IsEdge(const int &EId) const TUNGraphinline
IsNode(const int &NId) const TUNGraphinline
IsOk(const bool &ThrowExcept=true) const TUNGraph
Load(TSIn &SIn)TUNGraphinlinestatic
LoadGraphShM(TShMIn &ShMIn)TUNGraphinlineprivate
LoadShM(TShMIn &ShMIn)TUNGraphinlinestatic
New(const int &Nodes, const int &Edges)TUNGraphinlinestatic
operator=(const TUNGraph &Graph)TUNGraphinline
PNet typedefTUNGraph
Reserve(const int &Nodes, const int &Edges)TUNGraphinline
ReserveNIdDeg(const int &NId, const int &Deg)TUNGraphinline
Save(TSOut &SOut) const TUNGraphinline
TNet typedefTUNGraph
TPt< TUNGraph > classTUNGraphfriend
TUNGraph(const int &Nodes, const int &Edges)TUNGraphinlineexplicit
TUNGraph(const TUNGraph &Graph)TUNGraphinline
TUNGraph(TSIn &SIn)TUNGraphinline
TUNGraphMtx classTUNGraphfriend