SNAP Library 6.0, Developer Reference  2020-12-09 16:24:20
SNAP, a general purpose, high performance system for analysis and manipulation of large networks
TXmlDoc Member List

This is the complete list of members for TXmlDoc, including all inherited members.

GetMsgStr() const TXmlDocinline
GetTagTok(const TStr &TagPath) const TXmlDoc
GetTagTokBoolArgVal(const TStr &TagPath, const TStr &ArgNm, const bool &DfVal=false) const TXmlDoc
GetTagTokFltArgVal(const TStr &TagPath, const TStr &ArgNm, const double &DfVal=0) const TXmlDoc
GetTagTokIntArgVal(const TStr &TagPath, const TStr &ArgNm, const int &DfVal=0) const TXmlDoc
GetTagTokStr(const TStr &TagPath) const TXmlDocinline
GetTagTokStrArgVal(const TStr &TagPath, const TStr &ArgNm, const TStr &DfVal=TStr()) const TXmlDoc
GetTagTokV(const TStr &TagPath, TXmlTokV &XmlTokV) const TXmlDoc
GetTagVal(const TStr &TagNm, const bool &XmlP) const TXmlDocinline
GetTagValV(const TStr &TagNm, const bool &XmlP, TStrV &ValV) const TXmlDocinline
GetTok() const TXmlDocinline
GetXmlStr(const TStr &Str)TXmlDocstatic
IsOk() const TXmlDocinline
IsTagTok(const TStr &TagPath, PXmlTok &TagTok) const TXmlDocinline
IsTagTok(const TStr &TagPath) const TXmlDocinline
Load(TSIn &SIn)TXmlDocinlinestatic
LoadStr(const TStr &Str)TXmlDocstatic
LoadTxt(TXmlLx &Lx)TXmlDocstatic
LoadTxt(const PSIn &SIn, const TXmlSpacing &Spacing=xspIntact)TXmlDocstatic
LoadTxt(const TStr &FNm, const TXmlSpacing &Spacing=xspIntact)TXmlDocstatic
LoadTxt(const TStr &FNm, TXmlDocV &XmlDocV, const TXmlSpacing &Spacing=xspIntact)TXmlDocstatic
LoadTxtElement(TXmlLx &Lx)TXmlDocprivatestatic
LoadTxtMiscStar(TXmlLx &Lx)TXmlDocprivatestatic
New(const PXmlTok &Tok)TXmlDocinlinestatic
operator=(const TXmlDoc &)TXmlDocinline
PutTagTokStr(const TStr &TagPath, const TStr &TokStr) const TXmlDoc
Save(TSOut &)TXmlDocinline
SaveStr(TStr &Str)TXmlDoc
SaveTxt(const PSOut &SOut)TXmlDocinline
SaveTxt(const TStr &FNm, const bool &Append=false)TXmlDocinline
SkipTopTag(const PSIn &SIn)TXmlDocstatic
TPt< TXmlDoc > classTXmlDocfriend
TXmlDoc(const PXmlTok &_Tok)TXmlDocinline
TXmlDoc(TSIn &)TXmlDocinline