SNAP Library 6.0, Developer Reference  2020-12-09 16:24:20
SNAP, a general purpose, high performance system for analysis and manipulation of large networks
TWChA Member List

This is the complete list of members for TWChA, including all inherited members.

AddCStr(const char *CStr)TWChAprivate
ChangeStr(const TStr &SrcStr, const TStr &DstStr, const int &BChN=0)TWChA
ChangeStrAll(const TStr &SrcStr, const TStr &DstStr)TWChA
DelStr(const TStr &Str)TWChA
DelSubStr(const int &BChN, const int &EChN)TWChA
Empty() const TWChAinline
GetStr() const TWChA
GetSubWChA(const int &BChN, const int &EChN, TWChA &WChA) const TWChAinline
InsStr(const int &BChN, const TStr &Str)TWChA
IsChIn(const char &Ch) const TWChAinline
IsPrefix(const TWChA &WChA) const TWChAinline
IsStrIn(const TWChA &WChA) const TWChAinline
IsSufix(const TWChA &WChA) const TWChAinline
Len() const TWChAinline
LoadTxt(const PSIn &SIn, TWChA &WChA)TWChAstatic
operator+=(const char &Ch)TWChAinline
operator+=(const TWCh &WCh)TWChAinline
operator+=(const char *CStr)TWChAinline
operator+=(const TChA &ChA)TWChAinline
operator+=(const TStr &Str)TWChAinline
operator+=(const TWChA &WChA)TWChAinline
operator=(const TWChA &WChA)TWChAinline
operator=(const char *CStr)TWChAinline
operator=(const TChA &ChA)TWChAinline
operator=(const TStr &Str)TWChAinline
operator==(const TWChA &WChA) const TWChAinline
operator==(const char *CStr) const TWChAinline
operator[](const int &ChN) const TWChAinline
PutCStr(const char *CStr)TWChAprivate
Save(TSOut &SOut)TWChAinline
SaveTxt(const PSOut &SOut) const TWChA
SearchCh(const TWCh &WCh, const int &BChN=0) const TWChAinline
SearchStr(const TWChA &WChA, const int &BChN=0) const TWChAinline
SplitOnCh(TStr &LStr, const char &SplitCh, TStr &RStr) const TWChA
TWChA(const int &MxWChs=0)TWChAinline
TWChA(const TWChA &WChA)TWChAinline
TWChA(const TWChV &_WChV)TWChAinline
TWChA(const char *CStr)TWChAinline
TWChA(const TChA &ChA)TWChAinline
TWChA(const TStr &Str)TWChAinline
TWChA(TSIn &SIn)TWChAinline