SNAP Library 6.0, Developer Reference  2020-12-09 16:24:20
SNAP, a general purpose, high performance system for analysis and manipulation of large networks
TLAMisc Member List

This is the complete list of members for TLAMisc, including all inherited members.

Fill(TFltVV &M, const double &Val)TLAMiscstatic
FillIdentity(TFltVV &M)TLAMiscstatic
FillIdentity(TFltVV &M, const double &Elt)TLAMiscstatic
FillRnd(TFltV &Vec)TLAMiscinlinestatic
FillRnd(TFltV &Vec, TRnd &Rnd)TLAMiscstatic
FillZero(TFltV &Vec)TLAMiscinlinestatic
FillZero(TFltVV &M)TLAMiscinlinestatic
LoadMatlabTFltVV(const TStr &FNm, TVec< TFltV > &ColV)TLAMiscstatic
LoadMatlabTFltVV(const TStr &FNm, TFltVV &MatrixVV)TLAMiscstatic
PrintTFltV(const TFltV &Vec, const TStr &VecNm)TLAMiscstatic
PrintTFltVV(const TFltVV &A, const TStr &MatrixNm)TLAMiscstatic
PrintTIntV(const TIntV &Vec, const TStr &VecNm)TLAMiscstatic
SaveCsvTFltV(const TFltV &Vec, TSOut &SOut)TLAMiscstatic
SaveMatlabTFltIntKdV(const TIntFltKdV &SpV, const int &ColN, TSOut &SOut)TLAMiscstatic
SaveMatlabTFltV(const TFltV &m, const TStr &FName)TLAMiscstatic
SaveMatlabTFltVV(const TFltVV &m, const TStr &FName)TLAMiscstatic
SaveMatlabTFltVVCol(const TFltVV &m, int ColId, const TStr &FName)TLAMiscstatic
SaveMatlabTFltVVMjrSubMtrx(const TFltVV &m, int rowN, int colN, const TStr &FName)TLAMiscstatic
SaveMatlabTIntV(const TIntV &m, const TStr &FName)TLAMiscstatic
SumVec(const TIntV &Vec)TLAMiscstatic
SumVec(const TFltV &Vec)TLAMiscstatic
ToSpVec(const TFltV &Vec, TIntFltKdV &SpVec, const double &CutWordWgtSumPrc=0.0)TLAMiscstatic
ToVec(const TIntFltKdV &SpVec, TFltV &Vec, const int &VecLen)TLAMiscstatic